The best things about being 4


  • You discover new words like: actually, literally and idiot.
  • You can wear your pyjamas with snow boots and nobody cares.
  • You can be cheeky and get away with it as long as you utilise The Grin
  • You have daddy totally wrapped around your little finger. I suspect this remains the same until the age of 35.
  • No one bats an eyelid when you show your knickers in public All The Time.
  • When you count to ten you get a round of applause. When you write your name you get a treat.
  • Dora Dora Dora Dora Dora Dora. Diego.
  • You’re still small enough to fit under the bed when playing hide and seek.
  • You can fit in your bed even with every cuddly toy and doll you own on there too.
  • You’re still small enough to be rocked in mummy’s arms at bedtime.
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