Picture Perfect Meme: A rogues’ gallery

At any given time there is probably a whole host of memes floating around the ether – but do you ever wonder what happens to them once you’ve passed them on?

I started another meme earlier this year called the Blame Tara Meme (well, that’s not what I called it but there’s a whole other story there, just ask Blogger Dad).
Anyway, I tracked it around the internet and it’s reach was far and wide and it led me some really interesting blogs and places I probably would never have ordinarily visited.

Then I started another meme last month after my daughter drew a picture of me.
I asked other parents to do the same – and the results were just brilliant.
So I wanted to recognise everyone’s efforts and to show them what had happened to their meme.
And I should also thank Littlemummy Erica who patiently put all of this together for me – I think she’s done a great job.
So to all of those who took part, I thank you, and here is the Picture Perfect Meme gallery in all it’s glory.

Oh, and before I go any further Maternal Tales I am so SO sorry, but you’re on the slideshow as Maternity Tales – ack, I know.
Your pictures proved an absolute nightmare to upload for some reason but Erica stuck with it and managed to get them on there but got your name wrong. Changing it would have been a whole other kind of nightmare.
So I just wanted to appologise and say . . . It’s Erica’s fault.

Thank you to:
How I Like My Coffee
Brits in Bosnia
Jayne Howarth
Rosie Scribble
Really Rachel
The MadHouse
Potty Diaries
Jo Beaufoix
Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?
Dad Who Writes
Insomniac Mummy
Butterflies in My Hand
You’ve Got Your Hands Full
Bringing Up Charlie
Weston Super Mum
Rainy Day
Maternal Tales
Hot Cross Mum

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