I love. I hate

Cup of teaI hate:

  • People who are unfriendly
  • Rain that manages to creep under your coat
  • Cold feet
  • People who don’t indicate when they’re driving
  • Poorly made cups of tea
  • When men I don’t know call me ‘love’
  • Reality TV
  • When my 4 year old calls strangers ‘oiy’.
  • Arguments
  • Seeing my children upset

I love:

  • Cuddling up on the sofa with the children to watch the scary Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Music
  • Being out in the fresh air
  • Bathtime with the children
  • Fajitas
  • Sunshine
  • Eddie Izzard and Hugh Laurie
  • A piping hot cup of tea and a giant slab of chocolate
  • Movies
  • Friends
  • When all four of us are piled onto our bed first thing on a Saturday morning.
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