When mummy bloggers meet

I made 4 new really good friends this weekend in the bizarrest of circumstances.
A small group of British mummy bloggers were shipped off to the Spanish resort of PortAventura to ‘experience’ their Halloween festivities.

As we danced along with Beetlejuice, cringed in fear at the Devil and ran screaming from Frankenstein’s monster himself, I found myself laughing until I was wiping tears from the corners of my eyes with a group of women I hardly knew.
We laughed, we cried, we screamed, we opened our hearts.

And it has only confirmed to me why being part of this blogging community is such an amazing thing.
I do often wonder why we’re all here writing about our families, our heartaches, our funny moments, our dreams.
Is it for fame and fortune? Is it to feel part of something? Is it for friendship, or understanding, or a platform to shout from?

I didn’t start writing mine to make new friends, but after meeting Laura (Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?), Erica (Little Mummy), Alice (Dulwich Divorcee) and Jo (Jo Beaufoix) that’s exactly what I found.
All amazing women with amazing stories and whose personalities shine through their blogs.

And now I’ve got all the niceties out of the way I may soon tell you all about:

  • The time Jo put her hand on a strange man’s thigh and then elbowed a small child out of the way so she could have her photo taken with Bert and Ernie.
  • Erica set off a full-scale alert at Brussells airport.
  • Alice’s talk about ‘big Charlie’s Angels boobs’.
  • The time Laura upset the barman at our hotel. And the cleaner. And the waitress at the tapas bar where she ordered “dos bread, please”. I kid you not.
  • And if you’re really really good, I’ll tell you about the time 5 grown women hid behind a farmer’s wooden cart outside a hotel at 1am, giggling like schoolgirls.

NOTE: In the photo is (from left) Jo, Erica, Alice, me, Laura. We were all supposed to be grimacing and looking mean – Alice just isn’t capable and Laura looks like she has a dirty little secret. And Erica? Her expression became known as The Look. One of the most frightening things I saw that Halloween weekend …
All of which was a rather long-winded way of me asking you, what do you get out of blogging?

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