Things I say ALL THE TIME – #2

Sometimes I get bored of the sound of my own voice, I really do.
I’m sure I wrote something along these lines not so very long ago …

  • Daniel, stop doing wrestling moves on your little sister.
  • Leave that poor cat alone.
  • No you can’t wear your pyjamas to pre-school.
  • Stop brushing your doll’s teeth and brush your own.
  • Don’t put the grapes up your nose.
  • Guys, our bed is not an indoor trampoline.
  • Yes, Santa can see you if you’re naughty under the bed.
  • No you can’t have an iPhone.
  • Mia, for the love of all things holy, will you PLEASE wipe your bottom when you go to the toilet.

Lessons learned:
Pets + young children is a Bad Idea. For the pets mainly.
Anything that is supposed to go in a child’s mouth will usually have been somewhere less savoury beforehand.
I am still turning into my mother!

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