The winner takes it all

Well actually, the winner takes a pair of Kickers, but that didn’t really scan in a headline.

The winner was chosen via a complex mathematical sum: Mia picked a number of of a hat (or a Next carrier bag) between 1 and 28, Dan did the same and then we subtracted one from the other and voila.
See? Learning as well as assisting mummy on her blog.
(I won’t tell you about the two-day squabble we had over who would pick the first number and who had actually decided who the winner was. Also the fact that when I told them who their winner was they both said “What kind of a name is that?” And yet they think being called Sticky Fingers is OK! Go figure.)

Anyway, many congratulations to ThatGirl39 from 40 Not Out. A pair of funky Kickers – I said K I C K E R S (and how many times did I have to explain that on Twitter?) – are winging their way to you and young fashionista.

I do admit to feeling a slight pang of guilt as the woman is obsessed with shoes enough as it is, without me helping her daughter down that path.
I hope you both enjoy them. x

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