Review: Kickers are feeding my addiction (plus your chance to win a pair)


I bought my daughter a new dress yesterday.
Obviously she doesn’t need it, but being a clothes addict my world would not be complete unless she had it.
Of course, everything would also break down if she didn’t have the rest of the outfit so she was perfectly coordinated.
Right shoes, right, jacket, right pants.

Yes. I. Am. That. Bad.

And all of this despite the fact that she’s not that bothered about clothes and would quite happily wear her pyjamas all day with a pair of boots. Or yesterday’s grubby jeans and a T-shirt with toothpaste smeared across the shoulder.
Mummy quite clearly has a sickness.

I’m not fussy where I shop, the requirement is it has to look funky/cute/different.
I love Boden and Zara, H&M and Vertbaudet, Matalan and Tesco.
When I say ‘I’, that obviously means ‘we’. Oh OK then, it doesn’t. She’ll basically shop wherever I drag her.

So when a PR firm contacted me and asked if I would like to review a pair of Kicker shoes I nearly fell over myself trying to hit the return on my ‘hell yes’ message.
Free shoes? Are you kidding me?

And here they are. Gorgeous pink boots that she adores and everywhere we go she gets a ‘wow, love the boots, Mia’.
Truth be told, I would probably never had bought her a pair ordinarily.
They always struck me as just a bit too expensive for a pair of ‘fashion’ boots (they retail at about £50) and the minute she scuffed them or drew on them or fed them to next doors dog I would have mild heart failure.

But she has pretty much worn them since the day they came in the post. She has worn them with her dressing gown, with a party dress, with jeans, with clam digger shorts. I did stop her short of wearing them with her swimming costume (oh, yes, she tried) because she looked just wrong.

She’s worn them to pre-school, out walking in the local forest when we couldn’t find her wellies, she’s climbed in them, played in them, helped daddy mow the lawn in them.
Believe you me, we have tested them thoroughly. I’m pretty sure we’ve had our money’s worth out of them.
You still reading? Well here’s the best bit.

If you’ve got this far I am about to reward you for your efforts: How about winning a pair of Kickers for your own fashionista? Or . . . errm, whatever the male version is!
I rarely do giveaways on this blog but am more than happy to do so with these shoes because I think everyone should own a pair.

(Really sorry, but it’s open to the UK only).
So, I am offering you the chance to get your hands on a pair – if you win you can choose from the pink pair we have or a buff pair. Tell me the size you require and voila, they’ll be winging their way to your little munchkin.
To enter? Post a pint of your child’s blood to .. (kidding kidding).

To enter the prize draw just leave a comment here. The winner gets to chose from the pink pair or this buff pair and needs to let me know the size required.
And then a brand new spanking pair of Kickers will be yours!

The winner will be chosen at random by my lovely assistants (my kids) a week today: October 20 from the UK comments.

Err, that’s it.

Good luck. x

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33 Responses to Review: Kickers are feeding my addiction (plus your chance to win a pair)

  1. Insomniac Mummy says:

    Ooooo! I'd love to enter! We were thinking about buying a pair for Big E but winning a pair would extra fab!

    If we win we'd love the buff pair in a UK 8.

    Fingers crossed!


  2. Gigi says:

    I'm afraid I'm with you – popping into Russell and Oh-My-God-How-Much-Did-You-Say-They-Were…Bromley I nearly fainted with mock drama at the ugly array of boys shoes. Especially if they have more than a midget ballerina's width about them. And then I saw them gleaming on the …other shelf…the Kickers. Nostalgia mixed with fashion sense and the credit card morals went out of the window. The Kickers were his. Why am I commenting then? Well firstly I had to say that he loves them, I love them and for a tenner more than the 'ugly' shoe offerings from Clarkes and that other brand, I'm more than happy to pay the difference. And secondly? He's three years old which means he going to grow out of the lovely things before he wears them out! I'm looking ahead and saying….Kickers Rock!

  3. Oooooooooooh please can we enter (only question is whether I put forward Toddlergirl's shoe size or mine – I can wear children's shoes too…)

    Fingers crossed !

  4. mimi says:

    They're gorgeous!
    I laughed hard at the "post a pint of your child's blood.."
    And I was exactly like you when my kids were small- even took a job in Gymboree cos they offered huge staff discount! I'd say I was the only member of staff who spent more than she earned every single week.

  5. Kas @ Working Mum says:

    Thank you very much for the post and the competition. My daughter has had her eye on a pink pair since I (mistakenly) showed her the photo on your original post.

  6. ThatGirl39 says:

    OK… you and I both know that this would just be like razzing the dragon/adding fuel to the already plenty stoked fire/playing into the hands of a shoe-inhaling obsessed mother and her poor child who has no other place to go live than SHOE CITY… but… if you feel like giving me the pickers of these Kickers then we would love them in a size 9, bless you! Go on Go on you know you want to (in a Father Ted stylee)…
    Now look… you've gone and reduced me to a gibbering wreck… 🙂

  7. Tara says:

    Sorry, I should just point out that you don't have to state the size yet – knowing how children's feet grow like weeds, they'll probably have outgrown them by the time the comp closes!

  8. Lawyer Mom says:

    Congrats on your swag.

  9. Josie says:

    Ooh yes please!! Kai is JUST learning to walk and they would be such a cute pair of winter boots for his first upright winter!

  10. Laura says:

    Me Me Me

    The 5 year old has a pair for school and so far so good.

    She could really do with a pink pair though … couldn't she?

  11. We can do a pint of child's blood. Everytime you need to do anything with authorities here they take blood… my two are quite used to it. And, I know we are not in the UK right now, but I can give a UK address at my Mums, so please can I enter? Please? please please please? I'm British after all. They look fab. I'd love a pair (or two? always worth asking – people can always say no and I have two boys after all) of the buff ones. I'd be so excited. Especially as we can't get decent shoes here for love nor money. Well, you can for money but even more money than you need in England which is just a lot lot lot of money.

    Ok, too excited. Need to stop waffling.

    Not to make you feel guilty or anything, but I've never won anything. Not a raffle or nothing.

    Step away from the keyboard Brit, step away from the keyboard.

  12. Linsay says:

    My liittle monkey would look gorgeous in the buff pair. He gets through shoes like I don't know what. It may have something to do with playing football & soldiers. 🙂

  13. Jo B says:

    I know what you mean about coordinating shoes with outfits, for me down to hair accessories at times. My daughter is happiest in wellies or when shock horror I am not around and Daddy "helped" (I use that word in its loosest terms), as I find them rummaging to find fave top shoes and bottoms all mismatched and also usually covered in lunch and not changed.

    I adore kickers always have always will and I hereby declare they will match with outfit if I am lucky enough to win your fab comp.

  14. The Pocket Dictator has a pair in silver and I totally second what the tweeter said: Don't get them, the colour rubs off. She does however totally adore them and actually brings them to me when she wants to wear them (aged 16 months….I'm in trouble)

    All of which means I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a pair of Pink ones (so beautifully modelled) size 6 (although if they do them in big girl sizes, I'm a 7!!)

  15. amy says:

    i'd like to enter please! they looks so cute!! size 8 if i'm lucky to win for my milly moo xx

  16. I'm sure I left a comment here earlier. Wonder where I managed to leave a comment about winning a pair of kickers on if it wasn't here… some poor blogger is scratching their head as I type!

    Please please pick me. I can be a Brit (I am a Brit and I can use my Mum's address).

    A pair of the buff please (please please please?) or even two if they are feeling generous as I have 2 boys and the war over who gets them will be hideous…

    Thank you thank you thank you…

  17. I'd like a pair of kickers please!

  18. Littlemummy says:

    I think Laura should be disqualified if she already has a pair, my wee nipper is running around bare foot and in rags, we really *need* a pair! Do you know how cold it is in Scotland this time of year….

  19. Laura says:

    *Shakes head* That is SO underhand.

  20. clareybabble says:

    I'd like to enter please x

  21. Linda says:

    Two pairs please. Thank you.

  22. Oh, yes please! Nicholas needs some new boots and those look just perfect!

  23. Littlemummy says:

    I thought that said I'd like a pair of 'knickers* please :0

  24. MrsW says:

    I went in search of seed from another man after my first two children inherited their father's unfeasibly high instep, my new man has claw toes but he CAN wear boots. I finally shared in the creation a child who I can dress in DMs. Do I get a badge or something? I think I deserve one… Kickers would also be cool….

  25. Suzanne says:

    Ooh me please!!!!!! Ava's feet are growing unfeasibly fast! I can't keep up!

  26. Solveig says:

    Me too please! This looks like a pair of boots that F and I would actually agree on…

  27. Sandy Calico says:

    Pick me! Pick Me!
    Eye fang ewe 🙂

  28. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Pick me. Oh please pick me. ;D

  29. Peggy says:

    NO! Pick ME!! 🙂

  30. Can I enter again? Please please please? I'll be good.

  31. mater familias says:

    First comment coming up – tempted out of lurkerdom by thoughts of those pink kickers on my daughter's feet . . .

  32. MummaG says:

    Would love to win a pair for the teen princess, we love kickers and Mia looks fab in hers! x
    My recent post Did I forget to put clothes on again?

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