Reinventing Halloween


“What do you want to dress up as for Halloween this year Mia?”
(We love Halloween in this house).
“Peter Pan.”

She dresses up as Peter Pan for everything where a fancy dress costume is specified on the invitation. Even some places where it’s not.
I had the mother of all battles on the first day of pre-school when she wanted to wear said costume to show her new friends.
I should also point out that this outfit doesn’t actually fit her. It’s her older brother’s hand-me-down and the minute he decided he was too grown up to be a flying boy (there is some irony there!) she swooped in and claimed it as her own.
She doesn’t care one jot that it swamps her and I had to cut the ‘feet’ off so she could actually walk in it. What she does care about is that it has a little foam dagger which slips into a sling on the belt and a hat she wears at a jaunty angle.
And she crows; ‘ah ha’ at lot while wearing it.

Me: “Peter Pan isn’t very scary for a Halloween costume.”
Mia: “Tut. Peter Pan with an axe then.”
(She says it like it’s the most glaringly obvious thing in the world).

So are we the only ones draping cotton wool from the ceilings and whooping up a storm over the apple bobbing?
What are your Halloween plans?

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20 Responses to Reinventing Halloween

  1. Insomniac Mummy says:

    We'll probably be going to 'Nan's' with the other grandchildren for a little party. Big E was a pirate last year.

    I also usually carve a pumpkin to put in the window.


  2. Linda says:

    We have had some brilliant fun at parties but am not a fan of trick or treat. Best year was when I bought Neil a devil costume for £1.99 and it was so tight he nearly had someone's eye out. Two friends mentally scarred for life.I cannot believe what we have lined up for Halloween this year and will have to post about this some time soon. I'm still at the stage where if I say too much I feel as if I could jinx it. You won't believe it. God this sounds cryptic! It's a frankly amazing press trip that has come out of the blue! x

  3. Lawyer Mom says:

    At least she's consistent. Her costume is her uniform.

    Happy inexpensive Halloween.

  4. Halloween has been ruined in my neck of the woods by overly concerned parents and city officials who don't want to be sued. No more trick or treating for the most part. It all comes down to one big party held at the school because parents don't want their kids walking on the streets at night. So now they just drive to the party, fill their buckets to the brim , go home and sit on their backside eating it all. We have gotten sooo lazy, we've even managed to take the exercise component out of Halloween.

  5. Kimberly says:

    My niece and nephew are going to be peter pan and tinkerbell!

  6. Dotterel says:

    Oh God, I'd forgotten all about Bl**dy Halloween. Must disconnect the doorbell – quick!

  7. Peggy says:

    It is our first proper Halloween and we have been invited to 2 parties!!! We are very popular indeed and I am very excited! (can you tell?)
    I was showing some outfits to Elliott yesterday and knowing him we will have a battle to dress him up, he hates stuff like this. He was not impressed by the cool Spider or Skeleton outfits, he liked the pink fluffy cat… I have a few more days to convince him that he will look much cooler in a scary spider outfit… wish me luck!

  8. oooo (best ghost impression)

    We are having a Pumpkin Party (Pocket Dictator too little for trick or treat and we are away on actual Halloween) where there will be Pumpkin-shaped food and Pumpkin Decorating (cut-out shapes rather than Pumpkin carving as they are all under two.)

    It's our First Proper Stab at Halloween. I@m so excited I even got the dog a costume.

  9. mimi says:

    Mia sounds (from this and previous post)like she is her own person, who knows what she wants and isn't afraid of what other people think. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't it exactly what you want for your little person? Isn't it the beginning of "don't do something just because others are doing it"?
    I love her!
    Halloween, I hate. Never could get into the apples, dunking pumpkin stuff. We'll do whatever we absolutely HAVE to, but keep everything in reserve for Christmas, which I adore!
    Have a good one!

  10. MuddyNoSugar says:

    Traditionally a visit to the pumpkin farm is on the cards, but this year as you know off to the Disneyland Halloween Party – however, the big halloween costume debate is still going on, Dracula (like Dan did) is currently popular along with being a cat, witch & bat. I think Lola will have to wear whatever Heather decide's for her.

  11. Tara says:

    We usually buy a pumpkin then get into such a godawful mess with trying to carve it out we give up.
    Plus the whole house stinks if you light a candle in there!

  12. Tara says:

    We haven't done trick or treat yet. We had a party in the house and then they all start screaming and racing around when the doorbell rings and some horror is stood in the doorway.

    Oh, and jammy jammy jammy jammy sod. That is all

  13. Tara says:

    I don't know though Peggy, pink fluffy cat is quite scary.
    Especially if he takes Mia's advice and accessorises it with an axe

  14. Tara says:

    "Our first proper STAB at Halloween" – you jest DG. LOVE that you have got the dog a costume.

  15. Tara says:

    Oh wise wise words Mimi. She is and yes I do.
    You can actually love Halloween AND Christmas, it is allowed. I'm just as manic about both!

  16. Everyone is obsessed with Halloween where I live now. I went to a Moms Night Out a week ago and everyone was manically discussing costumes. There is a parade in the local playground, and lots of pumpkin carving type activities. The boys are going on a field trip to a pumpkin farm with their nursery, and no doubt we will have to go trick or treating too. I like Halloween, but not to the extent where I am excited about it for the whole of October!

  17. Expat Mum says:

    Over here the costumes are usually not remotely scary. Halloween is great in our neighbourhood – parents walking all around the streets with beer and wine in large plastic cups, while the kids eat as much as they can before we remember about their teeth!

  18. Rosie Scribble says:

    Clearly she doesn't want to grow up!

    We have a friend who is dressing up as Spiderman for Halloween, as if did at the Christmas party last year, and probably the one before that.

  19. Liz says:

    Thanks for joining the Halloween Party!!

    She'll be a wonder in Panto when she's bigger. I can understand the Peter fixation, I think I had one when I was little too. DD is a witch every year and the outfit doesn't fit her anymore, I'm slightly dreading her finding out….oops!

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