Mummy bloggers have the answers to everything (the dad’s aren’t too shabby either)

Just lately work has exploded and I haven’t had as much time to spend ‘blogging’.
I still read quite a few posts, but I find the time I have to stop and comment has been eroded away.
So I wanted to share a handful of posts that really made me stop and laugh/cry/take stock these past couple of weeks because they deserve something more than a passing glance.
Something for the weekend, so to speak!

Sleep is for the Weak
An achingly beautiful post from Josie, about when motherhood isn’t quite what you thought it would be. Really raw and honest and if you don’t feel the urge to go hug your kids afterwards then you’ve a cold cold heart!
And doesn’t her son look all kinds of gorgeous in that monster outfit?

Vered is an American blogger who always provokes a great response in her comments whenever she highlights a topic.
And here she’s as mad as we in the UK were over a report which said in a roundabout way that working mums are bad mums.

Noble Savage
When you have a toddler who regularly makes you sit in a corner with your head in your hands wondering where the hell you’ve gone wrong, you could almost cry when you read a post like this.
It’s called Light at the End of the Toddler and boy did I relate to it!
If you recognise any of these sentiments here is proof that there is hope.

This is a new blog for me and I instantly added her to my blogroll after reading her one post called String Vests.
Her profile begins: “I’m a 32 year old woman living with a Jamaican of the same age. Our relationship works because we don’t understand one another” – and this post is about him wearing said string vest.
I defy you not to instantly like her and her “dark sense of humour”.

What sacrifices do you make in your family life? How do you cope when the going gets tough?
Much of this online community is about support and understanding and reaching out to put a gentle hand on the shoulder.
Read this post and then do that.

Dad Who Writes
Sometimes you read a post and despite the frivolous title, it reveals a great deal about the writer and you really get a sense of looking through a window into their life.
Go take a peek. Just remember to wipe your feet and don’t make too much noise.

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