It’s all party party party over here

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that this weekend I am away on an Important Business Trip.
And by business trip I mean a weekend with a bunch of influential writers who have been asked to review a European family holiday destination.
And by that I mean, me and a bunch of bloggers are going on a girlie weekend where gross over indulgence will probably take place.

I have no idea why they invited me, but I figure if I keep my head down no one will question it.

So, as I’ve obviously been so busy packing and organising the children and ironing my passport, I will leave you with a post that I originally wrote back in May 2008 because a. it’s really cute and b. nobody commented on it. Harrumph.
On Saturday I’ll post one from my equally quotable daughter.


Hubby and I are invited to a proper grown-up party.
No. Children. Allowed.

Dan: “What sort of party bags will you have?”
Me: “There won’t be party bags. Party bags are for children” (why is that exactly? Really, why can’t we have a bag stuffed with cupcakes, smellies and chocolate? Or vodka miniatures).
Dan (wrinkling up his nose like he’s just been forced to eat a lemon): “That is so boring!”
“But how will you carry the cake home?”
“I don’t think there will be a cake either.”

Dan stares at me long and hard and horrified like I’ve just told him the world’s run out of chocolate or the Tooth Fairy’s purse is empty.

“I don’t EVER want a party like that mummy. Promise me you will never let me have a party like that.”

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