Do you fight in front of your children?

Ooo, it’s a hot potato this one isn’t it?

Last night hubby and I had a spat. Over who should phone up and cancel the insurance on the dishwasher or something equally inane.
He said he was too busy, I said so was I, he said well you’re at home anyway, I said well he’s got a phone at the office what difference does that make?

Then we squabbled about who does what jobs around the house and had he forgotten that I ironed all his work shirts for him while he went out for a boys day out at some rugby match last month.
Yeah, it was that petty.

But all of this was conducted within earshot of our two children.
The minute hubby stalked off to pretend he had something really really important to do, I saw their little faces and my heart sank.
Bad Mummy.

I’d really like to tell you that this was a one off but that would be a Big Fat Lie.
We shout in this house. Not at the children, just at each other. Not all the time – in fact, quite rarely – but the truth of the matter is that voices get raised.
It’s not something I’m particularly proud of.

I remember reading somewhere that American psychologist and TV personality Dr Phil said that fighting in front of your kids is nothing short of child abuse.
Should children grow up thinking that life is all smooth sailing and everyone is lovely to each other and no one will ever argue over whose turn it is to bath the dog?
Isn’t that a rather distorted view of life and marriage?
Should we all go and have our rows in the garage so the children never hear it?
I guess it depends on what you are arguing about.
As I think more about it, as long as your children get to see that the argument is resolved and everyone is friends afterwards, well, isn’t that a good life lesson?

I’m not talking about violent behaviour or extreme bad language. But if children don’t get to see how rows start and how they are resolved, how will they deal with it when they are older?

What do you think? Is arguing in front of your children a big no-no?

(NOTE: I have a really great photo of hubby shouting with his hands thrown in the air after he dropped something really really heavy on his foot ages ago. He wouldn’t let me use it on this post. Sorry.)

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