British Mummy Bloggers hit Spain

If you, dear internet, could hear the chatter going on behind the scenes of my impending Very Important Business Trip to Spain, I fear you would blush.

Even Single Parent Dad who’s heard it all before, and suffered the indignity of being called a ‘token man’ in a sea of gorgeous, expert women during a recent blogger event to announce the launch of new women’s website Super Savvy Me.
But I digress.

I have been invited, along with an ‘influential’ bunch of mummy bloggers to experience the delights of Port Aventura, an ‘experience’ resort in northern Spain.
I fear the Spanish are in for rather a shock.
Joining me are: Laura from Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy , Jo of Jo Beaufoix fame, Dulwich Divorcee and Little Mummy Erica.

I logged into my email in box this afternoon to see if anyone was getting excited about the trip and let me tell you I was shocked. Shocked.
So I want to share a few snippets with you (and I can assure you every one of those ladies is now staring open mouthed at the screen thinking ‘she wouldn’t?’ Well, she would).
Bear in mind that some of these bloggers have been away together before.
I will not name names, to spare their blushes.

. . . Am sniggering at my desk about J’s (roller) coaster companion.
Bless him and his long, fat …. I think you should share that picture with us again sometime soon … for old times sake and so I can quite literally wet myself.

. . . J was weeping with fear inches away from his tongue. Think I’ll leave it at that! As I say, them lot are such a bad influence on me.

. . . You get the picture. Oh and if you lot don’t have a drunken ‘who can say ‘insert very rude word’ the fastest’ competition, I will feel very let down.

. . . I was the innocent little mummy before all of you warped me.

. . . the first thing I thought when I saw my inbox was – ‘that’s a whole lot of bo****ks!’
(that will be because every one of the 20 or so wall of emails that greeted me had that word, capped up, as the title).

Dear reader, it’s a good job there is one grown up on this trip.

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