Wordless Wednesday: The cost of pure joy? $10 (and change)


Dan has always had a somewhat cautious relationship with water.
He loves swimming. Adores it. But he’s just not that confident.
He’s always been too much of a thinker to really let go and just jump in. It’s only really been in recently years that he has thrown caution to the wind and discovered the joys of diving, swimming underwater and ‘doing a dolphin’.

Not like his little sister who is convinced she is a mermaid and that her swim jacket is ‘just getting in the way’.

But when my mum gave Dan $10 to spend on his holiday to America he knew exactly what he wanted to buy after our first day on the beach.
I have never seen a child so free and so happy as my 6-year-old was riding the waves just off a beach in Sarasota on his boogie board (or bogie board as he insists on calling it).
The boy is a natural.

surf-11 surf-2 surf-3 surf-4

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