Why did you call your blog that?

Have you ever wondered why your favourite blogs have the names they do?

There is a really interesting story behind Blogger Dad’s name for those of you who know him and read him (and if you don’t, well why not?)
He is a former journalist and a wanted to start up a blog and thought calling himself Writer Dad would be cool. And, blow me down, the domain name was available.
Only he procrastinated and by the time he went to buy it, someone else had snapped it up.
How could they? Who the hell was it? What a jerk (his word not mine).

Well curiosity got the better of him and Blogger Dad visited the Writer Dad blog and to cut a very long story short, they are now very very good online buddies and actually set up in business together.
How amazing is that?

Melissa at More to Life than Laundry (her blog charting her plans to take part in a round the world Clipper race) asked the blogging community to help her come with a name for her domain, and famously, Dooce was named after it’s author Heather Armstrong kept misspelling ‘dude’ when having Instant Message conversations with co-workers.

I know you see some names and it seems pretty obvious why they are called what they are called but I just wonder what was the thought process behind it – did you want it to be a real reflection of you, did it just pop into your head, did you ask your children to name it?

For the record, mine was a ‘popped into your head’ variety.
I was writing a parenting blog for the newspaper I worked on and hated the name they had given it so when I branched out on my own I knew I wanted something short and memorable.
And, well, me!

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  1. amy says:

    mine came to me when i was telling my work mates i was pregnant again and i said 'well and 1more means4!' it stuck with me and thats the name i gave my blog. I'm glad no one else had it or else i would've been stuck! x

  2. @thatgirlblogs says:

    I've had a lot of different blog names, but this one is pretty self explanatory and has stuck for a few years now.

  3. Dotterel says:

    I'm with Blogger Dad on this – I really wanted 'Stay-at-home-dad' and someone else had taken it. Hence, BuC!

  4. How I like my coffee – is what MuddyNoSugar is – and MuddyNo Sugar was given to me as my poker name by MuddyTwoSugars, along with his pals, Collywong, Longwhan, Disco Matt and JVK…None of my stories are short (which would also be a great name for a blog – along with 'subject is too dark' although I may save that for my

  5. That Girl39 says:

    Well you know me and my two blogs… obvious and shallow!! I love Muddynosugar… if I'd based mine on how I take my tea it would have been Builders Tea/p**s weak! Sorry to lower the tone! x

  6. OMGWerePregnant says:

    I wanted mine to be "Oh my fucking god NO. Now what the fuck do we do" but apparently that wasn't appropriate so, OMG We're Pregnant was the 'nice' version!!!!

  7. Insomniac Mummy says:

    Mine is what it says on the tin. I'm a mummy and an insomniac.

    I registered my domain at the weekend so it didn't get taken….not that there is any reason it would be.


  8. vodkamom says:

    I called mine vodkamom as kind of a tribute to my mother. I have lovely memories of her – but her ability to throw a perfect "cocktail" party was amazing. She loved to cook

  9. vodkamom says:

    I called mine vodkamom as kind of a tribute to my mother. I have lovely memories of her – but her ability to throw a perfect "cocktail" party was amazing. She loved to cook, had amazing appetizers/cocktails. decorations and was a funny, wonderful hostess. I think of her everytime i open my blog.
    Plus….i love vodka.

  10. But did you go over to Stay at Home Dad's place and call him a 'jerk'. And if not why not!

  11. And it fits you like a glove!

  12. And she rambles like this in real life. THAT is how good a friend I am . . .

  13. Two That Girls – what gives?
    And builder's tea? Builder's tea? That's not tea at all, that's hot milk that has a had the merest whiff of a tea bag

  14. Kidda too long for a blog title too. Imagine having to type that in every time you leave a message?

  15. All the time I've been reading your blog, I never knew that.
    Lovely lovely sentiment to have behind a blog name.

  16. Noble Savage says:

    My husband named my blog. We had just moved back to the UK and I was telling him another funny story about some cultural difference I'd noticed and he told me I should start a blog. I excitedly went to Blogger and set one up but couldn't think of a name for what was, at the time, going to be just an expat blog. He said something about me being a savage colonial and then said "But you're becoming more noble the longer you're here so I think you're a Noble Savage." I knew it was the perfect name for me and still think it suits me to a T, nearly five years later!

  17. cartside says:

    I changed from Cartside to Mummy Do That! Cartside because I live near the cart and the river is like a link to the places I lived since I moved to the UK. When I decided to change to blogger and had the chance to think up a name, Cubling kept saying Mummy Do That! which I thought was funny and also a link to all the different stuff I do and thus blog about, plus I'd also decided that most of my posts were parenting related so I should embrace the mummy blogger world. I still waver though because I'm not just writing about parenting and the title seems to suggest it.

  18. I'm so please you came over and commented NS, as yours is one of the blogs I've been intrigued to know how the name came about

  19. I think most parenting bloggers feel as you do in that they are primarily a 'mummy' or 'daddy' blogger because well that's what we spend most of our time being, but they still like to feel they can write about whatever they like and not be tied down to just one subject.
    At the end of the day, it's your blog, do what the hell you like with it!

  20. Vered says:

    Interesting topic! I wanted something with "mom" and I wanted to help moms deal with the daily grind of motherhood. Little did I know, about 1% of my traffic comes from men searching for something dirty.

  21. Mine popped into my head and it is totally me.

  22. Katherine says:

    Mine? I was about to become a supply teacher and, in turn, was going to chronicle my expereince plus I had so many demands on my time and I started this "demand and supply, demand and supply" chant and it got turned into supply and demand plus question mark added by t'other half…anyway got a steady job now….the supply teacher angle would never have worked

  23. I want to join in, but I think mine may be one of the more obvious ones…I did change it though – cos it wa Blog Fire at first which is what a friend suggested which didn't really ahve any connection towhat I was writing about. Did think I would write about me and my life but pretty soon (ehm first paragraph of first post I think) I realised that my life was my children and they were the only things I was going to write about. Am intrigued now as to the blog name your paper gave you…

  24. Karen says:

    Um… mine is just factual.. I am a mum and most of the time I am in chaos! Lol, boring but true 🙂

  25. Kat says:

    My blog is "Sunshine and Lemonade." But it is soooo tongue in cheek. Even if you look at my header – there is a picture of a lightning strike and some sour lemons 🙂

  26. Iota says:

    "Not wrong, just different" was suggested to me by a friend, as a philosophy to adopt when you move to a new country. I thought of it every time I flicked a light switch in the early days (did you know they are 'upside down' in the US, ie up is on, and down is off?) When I started a blog about being an expat, it seemed the obvious choice.

    As for Iota Manhattan, that name is actually an anagram of my maiden name. When I was about 14 or 15, a group of us were filling in an idle moment at school by making anagrams of each other's names. Everyone agreed that Iota Manhattan was the best one, and I said "if I ever write anything, I'll use it as my alias". So I did. Iota is the Greek letter 'I', so it seems a perfect name for an alias – I, in disguise.

  27. Lawyer Mom says:

    Oh, such a great topic. This is an ice-breaker I'll be sure to remember the next (first) time I got to a blogher, bliss, or what-have-you conference.

    I came up with "Laywer Mom's Musings" after deciding "Hmm. Hmm. WTF is going on here?" might be to acronynmistic (word?) and provocative.

  28. lisleman says:

    Great that you should ask. I was thinking a reader (well you're not a reader yet but maybe you'll visit) might want to know the background of my blog, so I created a special page to explain the story.
    story of a few clowns short
    Please come and visit me over at "A Few Clowns Short".

  29. Pippa says:

    Mine is just a comment as all I do apparently is ramble on and on…. I do have pippaworld.com too though as I was told that I live in my own world by my old boss…

  30. Some great names and ideas out there isn't there? I based mine on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as it was one of the first serious pieces of literature i studied that i actually "got"! Also i'm a wife and i hapen to live in a place called Bold not Bath – i couldn't resist the pun!


  31. Louise says:

    I have two – the new one I run for my website is just called Essex Mums because the people who write on it (all two posts!) are just that.

    My own personal one is called 'Let me just get my camera' because those are the six words most often said by me. Sadly, due to Orkut weirdness most of my photos need to be reuploaded via a non-flickr site, so it's looking a little desolate at the moment.

  32. I thought of mine ages before I set it up, actually. In fact, I kind of set up the blog, because I wanted to use the name. I did think it was self-explanatory, but there was a point a while back where I did have to explain it. WAHM = Work At Home Mum and WAM-BAM is many things – from comics, Wham Bam, Thank you Mam, etc. I have a redesign in my head based on the comic theme, but will no doubt not get round to it before I have another idea. The only problem is people often type it wrong – wham-bam – presumably because so many of us are 80s kids!

  33. Reluctant Housewife says:

    Fun post!

    I watched the first season of Desperate Housewives. My husband teased that I was a Desperate Housewife, too. I said, "I'm not so much desperate as… reluctant." Ta da!

  34. Reluctant Housewife says:

    Just wanted to say that the comments on this post make for a great read!

  35. Tammy says:

    Mine (Keep in Touch With Mommakin) is a play on the Aerosmith song Keep in Touch With Mama Kin. I go into a lot more detail here:


  36. Mine is not so tricky – I just didn't plan to be a mum. Hence, Surprise Mum and it being my mutterings it is my diary.

  37. confusedhomemaker says:

    I'm confused and not sure what I want to do next in life. I do "keep a home" in once sense but then don't in another. I should have gone with my nickname but it was taken & instead of doing some version of it I did this.

  38. For me, I had found myself spending way too much time on gossip sites and wanted to do something worthwhile with my time in front of a computer. Thus, This is Worthwhile was born 🙂

  39. Just wanted to add that this is really fascinating stuff.
    Even you guys with what seems like obvious blog names have really interesting stories behind them.
    Loving it!

  40. Estherar says:

    As a new parent, I hung around many mommy-oriented message boards. I was always annoyed when parents would contribute links to scientifically unreliable websites to debate or 'educate' the masses – vaccines are an evil government plot, not breastfeeding will leave you with a stupid, fat, sick baby, having an epidural will cause your baby to become a drug addict later in life….that sort of 'helpful info'. So eventually I decided to write a blog with links to resources, some written by myself, that parents could use to rebut those evangelistic misinformers.

    I'm happy to say that some parents, at least, find my information quite welcome…

  41. An excellent idea and (I've visited) an great blog.
    I wish I had discovered blogs when I was pregnant as I think there is a lot of honesty and information right there in those heartfelt posts – more than was in any of the parenting books I ever read.

  42. Lisa says:

    I live in the Boondocks (the middle of nowhere). I ramble. Hence the title. So boring, no?

  43. But the thing is Lisa, I've never herd of the Boondocks and so to be it sounds rather exotic.
    So no, not boring at all!

  44. Brits in Bosnia came about because that's what we are and I liked the concept of doing what it says on the tin. However, it was originally called 'On a Wing and a Prayer' on the basis that we were jumping into the unknown with little back up or clue what we were doing. But as I'm not religious I changed it as I thought that people might be expecting something with a bit more scripture.

  45. BloggerDad says:

    VERY long story? Sheesh, tell one 15,000 word story and suddenly everyone's a critic. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention.

  46. Mine is new!!
    The name came to me as my name backwards in Welsh means Bare and I thought that it was memorable.

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