How Bill Gates upset my son

We are going to America for a fabulous family holiday soon and my children are beyond excited.
This is a conversation I had with Daniel about it tonight:

“Mummy, when we go to America will we see Bill Gates?”
“No honey, why would we see Bill Gates?”
“Because he’s famous. And because he’s in America too.”
“But he doesn’t know us, why would we go see him?”
“Well we’ve never met Mickey Mouse and we’re going to see him.”
“But Mickey Mouse likes people visiting. I don’t think Bill Gates would like us all turning up on his doorstep just because he’s famous.”
“Well Bill Gates doesn’t deserve to be famous. Or rich. I’d only want to say hello anyway. That’s so rude . . .
. . . I’ll bet Mickey Mouse is much nicer anyway.”

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21 Responses to How Bill Gates upset my son

  1. CK Lunchbox says:

    I don't know, even mickey has his moments. Hope you have a fun time.

  2. Tammy Howard says:

    I bet Mickey's nicer, too. Have a safe and happy trip!

  3. Kat says:

    LaLa got mad because we couldn't meet The Queen at Windsor castle. How do you explain to a 5 year old that The Queen doesn't just mingle with us meer mortals (especially random American ones).

  4. @CK: Actually the only character my daughter is inerested in is Peter Pan as that is who she wants to be. Sod Tinkerbell and her glittery wings, she wants a sword and a jaunty hat!@ Tammy: Thanks so much. You have NO idea how much we need it. Still got a few weeks to wait though . . .@Kat: I just adore the view of the world through children's eyes. Why ever wouldn't the Queen want to meet your 5 year old. It just wouldn't make any sense to a child!

  5. He may not get to meet Bill Gates, but he can watch a plethora of Microsoft ads on TV slagging off Apple (I do so love American comparative advertising….).Have fun!

  6. Bill Gates is dull. Mickey is far more exciting.

  7. Potty Mummy says:

    Reminds me of Boy #1 expecting Bindi Irwin to be waiting to greet us at the gate when we visited Australia Zoo last year…

  8. That Girl says:

    Met 'em both and Mickey knocks spots off Bill… bigger ears but hey, you cant have it all ways! Wow.. holiday sounds fantastic… will be all ears to see what you think as to how Mia enjoys it in particular. We're possibly going to go late next year (SC will be 5) – its good to know how the younger ones get on. Dont think theres much doubt that Dan will LOVE it! x

  9. Patricia says:

    Tell your son Bill Gates is not here right now! He and his family are off researching helping children with medical problems in Africa. He is very nice and actually very funny – but each new project I have seen him undertake he is like a young boy with a new game. I think I will be hoping to meet the Queen when I am in London and some blogger friends when I am in Scotland, but I think you all will be here while I am there! What fun maybe we will meet at the airport?Happy holidays to us all. One of my youngest daughter's college friends is Cinderella this summer – she is studying to be a theme park manager!

  10. SandyCalico says:

    I'd rather meet Mickey, I'd be more likely to understand what he was saying!!

  11. Tracy says:

    Ha! I love it!Hope you have a really great time. No chance of you being in or near Memphis, is there?

  12. A Lawyer Mom's says:

    How sweet! Would he settle for Steve Jobs? You might get a sneak peek at him in Memphis . . . maybe.

  13. b says:

    Am sure you will have a fab time on holiday and your son will meet so many people in Disney, that he will not be too bothered that he did not see Bill Gates.

  14. clareybabble says:

    I'd rather meet Mickey any day!

  15. Adrenalynn says:

    Yeah, that Bill is so rude, I totally agree. I bet he wouldn't even give you a hug like Mickey. I hope your trip will be fabulous! Kudos for travelling so far with two kids.

  16. Adrenalynn says:

    Oh, and Tara; I used to be totally into Peter Pan when I was younger, too- because I WANTED TO MARRY HIM. Just saying.

  17. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh bless him. Mickey will definitely be more fun. I mean, he's a mouse…that talks!! Amazing. 😀

  18. Turf Dad says:

    I'm assuming that you are going to Disney World in Florida and not Disneyland in California. I hear you need at least a week to see everything at Disney World, and it's a great time. Gates has a place here in the desert. It's at an exclusive golf club called The Vintage Club. You have to be invited to join the membership. I hear they turned down president Ford when he asked to be "invited." Google it, it's pretty amazing.

  19. shopgirl says:

    HAAA-larious!! Daniel is WISE beyond his years!! Enjoy yourself while you're here!! Mickey will be more fun anyway!!

  20. Kool Aid says:

    Mickey Mouse is much nicer! I hope you have a wonderful vacation here. Too bad we aren't in Florida – you could organize another blogger meet-up 🙂

  21. Reluctant Housewife says:

    I live in Canada and have visited the states fairly often. Bill Gates has never invited me over for a visit, either. How antisocial of him, honestly. Micky is definitely friendlier.

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