There are two things I love about this time of year: Being able to show my children how green and beautiful the world around them is, and taking photographs of it.

It is so breathtakingly pretty where I live right now. It is so green and lush and the air seems to be full with portent.
Sure, it’s rained an awful lot just lately. A lot.
But the benefits far outweigh the negatives as far as I am concerned – have you seen how breathtaking the UK countryside is after a downpour?

We have been out breathing in as much of this beauty as often as we can. Come rain or shine.
And my trusty camera has been right there at my side to record it (and I’ve talked before on the wonderful benefits of taking a million photos of your children growing up!)

We climb

We contemplate our surroundings



We discover the ‘magic’ of dock leaves

We roam wild and free

We unearth weird and wonderful creatures



We run like the wind himself is chasing us

I know it seems depressing when the sun won’t shine and it seems to rain endlessly when spring should be heralding an explosion of good weather.
But take a look again – this time through the eyes of a child.

I promise it will look a whole lot better!

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  1. Iota says:

    Lovely English countryside. Give us a little clue as to roughly where you live, would you?

  2. Kat says:

    I am loving the rain. After the dry spell we had my lawn was starting to turn a bit brown, now it is green again! My kids love putting on their wellies and splashing in puddles "like Peppa Pig"

  3. Aah. I spent a lovely hour watching a storm on Friday with the 4 year old from the confies of my sisters dining room.My children don't seem to care what the weather is like, it doesn't stop them playing out rain or shine!

  4. Mamma Po says:

    A beautiful post – has made me rethink my grey day and embrace the torrential downpours…theoretically anyway. Lining up the kids' wellies for a splash in the puddles when it finally lets up!

  5. Reasons to be Cheerf says:

    I agree with you totally. I am always ooing and aahing about the lush green and gorgeous colours of Spring. In fact I sound more like my mother every day!

  6. Home Office Mum says:

    lovely post and beautiful pics. well done you on remembering your camera!

  7. Dave Fowler says:

    TC, I'm taking a leaf out of your book. Having to walk the dogs twice a day can be a pain in the bum, especially when it rains as often as it does here in Blighty, but I'm using it as an opportunity to get some great pictures!

  8. Lisa (Jonny's M says:

    It's true. Children find the beauty and fun in so many things. I think that is why we have children — to remind us of what is good and simple in life.Lovely post and photos!

  9. Single Parent Dad says:

    Green is good. Nothing a pair of wellies and an anorak won't fix.Bang-on.

  10. writer Dad says:

    I'm totally jealous of your English Countryside. I've got grass outside that's the color of milk chocolate.

  11. So pretty, I'd kill for that kind of green around here but it just doesn't happen in Texas!

  12. Coding Mamma (Tasha) says:

    Lovely pictures. Rosemary and I had great fun this afternoon running through the torrential rain to the post office and navigating (or in Rosemary's case jumping in) the many rivers that were coursing down the roads. Clothes had to be changed when we got in, but who cares about that?!I have very fond memories of a summer day when I was a kid in Spain. It was so hot, we couldn't manage to sleep at siesta time. Then, in the middle of the afternoon, the heavens opened and my mum and me put on our swimming costumes and went and danced out on the balcony, revelling in finally being cool. Rain is definitely fun when you're young – and can even be so when you're old!

  13. Vered - MomGrind says:

    I visited England once – London to be precise – years ago, and I must admit I did find the lack of sunshine a tad depressing. However, when we ventured outside of the city, the green was greener than anything I've ever seen in dryer, sunnier climates.

  14. Mel says:

    How lovely, we love getting out and about, apart from when baby's buggy gets stuck in the mud! Lovely post and photographs, makes me want to go out and run about.

  15. More than Just a Mot says:

    What a gorgeous post – and what lovely photos. Your children are very beautiful, they do our wonderful countryside justice 🙂

  16. Working mum says:

    Funny how children don't notice the rain. It's just an excuse to wear wellies. I decided to join her and bought the most amazing pair of purple wellies. Now rain doesn't seem so bad to me either.

  17. Millennium Housewife says:

    Nothing like leafy Warwickshire lanes! A lovely post Tara, good for the soul MH x

  18. Vodka Mom says:

    That's it- I am moving in.

  19. A Lawyer Mom's says:

    Oh, what a lush post. Wish I could be there. Today was hectic with the kiddo . . . and this was a nice, calming read.

  20. Mary@Holy Mackerel says:

    Gorgeous pictures. You're so right. Kids can make anything joyful.

  21. DCUrbanDad says:

    Seriously, I can help around the house. I clean a mean kitchen.

  22. Perfectly Happy Mum says:

    The world is amazing through children eyes and your post reminded me just how it felt to be young and grow up where I did. I have so many memories of my walks in the woods with my grandad… probably one of the happiest times of my childhood. Thanks for this post!

  23. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Gorgeous post Tara. While I cooked tea Misses E and M tugged on their wellies and splashed around in the puddles on our wonky patio. Miss E was in her PJs as she's been off school with an ear infection. If anyone had looked over the fence I bet they'd have thought I was a terrible mum but they had a brilliant time. And you're right, the green after a downpour is just stunningly rich.

  24. Patricia says:

    wonderful – we have lots of rain and green here too…then some sunshine and the posies burst forth. I just put on my raincoat and go…it on sunny days that no work gets done!Aren't children wonderful explorers? Lovely post

  25. Maternal Tales says:

    How gorgeous – you're right – children don't care about the weather as long as they're outside. My eldest one is obsessed with nature and would rather be gathering snails in the garden and playing with woodlice than watching tv any day. My liitlest one, on the other hand…Well done for raising two gorgeous children x

  26. Adrenalynn says:

    Lovely photos! Thanks for showing us how beautiful your surroundings are! And your kids, your kids. Gorgeous.We're blessed with the same weather over here, so I'll take your advice and start enjoying it a bit more!

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  28. What an uplifting post. I've been stuck indoors all week with my daughter (earache) and it's rained constantly. But next week we are off to explore the countryside in Center Parcs. We'll take our boots and , as you have brilliantly shown, we'll enjoy it no matter what.

  29. Terra H. says:

    Greetings! Found you through SITS. I enjoy spending time outdoor with my children and seeing the world through their eyes. partymix25(at)hotmail(dot)com

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