Wordless Wednesday: The hair issue


My son has gorgeous hair.
It’s all golden and licks around his temples and the nape of his neck and even though it’s slightly too long, I think it really suits him.

Opinions are divided on it. Grandma and nana aren’t so sure. If I had a pound for every “ooo Danny, you do need a trim” said to him but clearly aimed in my direction, I’d be a wealthy woman.

It’s an absolute nightmare to control in the mornings when we get ready for school. It takes twice as long to sort his mop out than it does his sister. There is usually some form of food in there that needs combing out and on more than one occassion we have left the house without actually brushing it.
Still, he still manages to work the look to great effect. This is not something he ever got from me.

Anyway, tomorrow it will be no more.

Daddy is taking him to the hairdresser (I just can’t bring myself to do it. Plus if it goes wrong I have someone else to blame) and Daniel has said he wants it ‘spiked’.
I can’t look, I just can’t look.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets this upset over a bloody haircut!

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27 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: The hair issue

  1. Emily says:

    What a handsome son you have. I am guessing he'll be a heartbreaker in a few years!

  2. Maternal Tales says:

    He is gorgeous!! Can I bagsie him for my little girl?? Re:the haircuit – don't do it!!! But if you absolutely have to, then try not to fret. I'm sure he'll look just as gorgeous with short spiky hair. And if for some strange reason he doesn't, then at least you know that it will grow back!! Good luck x

  3. Katherine says:

    Have EXACTLY the same dilemma and the same responses from grandparents; in fact going to post a pic of my s#1 on my blog so you can see…we are in the same boat…don't get it cut (is it too late?) but if you have to, I agree, you shouldn't be witness to it. Have tagged you, hope you don't mind…

  4. Katherine says:

    Posted promised pic of Zak on my blog

  5. Adrenalynn says:

    That is one handsome guy! Congrats on making exceptionally beautiful spawn. I agree, the hair is adorable. But he'll rock the spiked look too, and it'll grow back. And maybe next time he'll want to go for something in between… 🙂 Don't you just love it when they grow up and start thinking for themselves?

  6. Reasons to be Cheerf says:

    Looks like a pretty cool dude to me!

  7. Mum Gone Mad says:

    Ahh my eldest lad has the longest hair in the house at the mo, and I really don't mind, I just wish he'd wash it! Your boy looks lovely and I suspect when it's cut he'll still look lovely (hair grows it'll be ok) luv Karen x

  8. Metropolitan Mum says:

    Spiked? So the 80s revival doesn't even stop at kids' haircuts. Shocking. I remember my brother having a spiked haircut back then. We still laugh at the pictures…

  9. Single Parent Dad says:

    You are definitely not the only one. I am having similar issues with my son, and occasionally, he even joins the 'he-needs-a-trim' brigade. He gets a bit fed up with being called a girl. However I think his hair is brilliant, and have a real issue if I have to get it chopped.

  10. Writer Dad says:

    I know what you mean. My boy has hair that sometimes runs a bit long as well. We get lots of the same comments, but it totally suits him and if you ask me, he couldn't be more adorable. Yours too. : > )

  11. Vered - MomGrind says:

    This brings back an old memory. I was about 4 when my mom took me to have my hair cut for the first time. I used to have these adorable ringlets – my hair was black and long and full of beautiful curls. For some reason, after that first haircut, my ringlets disappeared and never returned. I was left with an ordinary wavy, sometimes frizzy hair. My mom still talks about it with great sadness. So no, you're not the only one.

  12. amy says:

    What a lovely boy you have he will break a few hearts when he's older, it's not just you i have a mild panic attack when i get my girls' hair trimmed. 18month old is yet to have a haircut, her hair is beautiful blonde and curly and i trim her fringe myself to save any attacks lol! x

  13. Potty Mummy says:

    Just don't let your boy anywhere near the hairdresser in High St Ken who gave my oldest son a buzz cut when I was preoccupied with his younger brother…

  14. Blogger Dad says:

    My hair has looked like that from time to time. I prefer long hair and so do most of the girls/women I've known (save for my wife, who likes it short). At any rate, if it were only the grandparents, I'd tell them to butt out. It's HIS hair and not their concern. However, if HE wants to cut it short, let him. He's young, if it's awful, he can always grow it back.When I was younger, I wanted to grow my hair long. My dad refused. Oh, the battles we would have! Eventually, I got old enough to properly rebel and did it anyway and he got over it. But I would never put my kids through that.I know my wife and I will have major disagreements on this topic. I am all for whatever sort of expression of individuality a child wants to make, so long as it isn't permanent or obscene. Let kids be kids and most importantly, be themselves.Make sure you post a pic of the new do!

  15. Tara says:

    An update: He had his hair cut and he looks SOOOO handsome. Daddy did good. Daddy is off the hook.I will post a pic as soon as I can get him to stop preening and trying to pinch my hair products . . . @ Emily/Maternal Tales: Thank you so much. I won't pass it on as his head is swelling enough as it is. Even his sister saw him and said: "you're quite lovely aren't you Dan?"@ Adrenalynn: THE most hilarious compliment I've ever been given! "Congrats on making exceptionally beautiful spawn". @ Katherine: Your son has beeeeautiful hair. So blond! So rock star. Oh, and I NEVER mind being tagged. It's like a big ole hug in my book and you get never get enough hugs. Mum Gone Mad: We had the problem with not washing enough too. Bits of food from days ago would surface and he always ALWAYS got toothpaste in the ends! @ Metropolitan Mum: He wanted spiked 'like Doctor Who'. So he's 80s but in a Noughties kind of way! @ Single Parent Dad: I've seen your boy's hair and it's lovely. I think young boys with longer hair look so gorgeous. But when they make their mind up for a change it's hard to say no. Especially when they want to mimic Doctor Who.@ Writer Dad: I've been telling the grandparents that they are too oldfashioned and they need to 'get with it'!I'll probably have the 'oh it's far too short' comments now!@ Vered: That is such a great story. Amazing how you remember something that happened when you were so young. I don't think ringlets would have been 'you' now though – adorable as they might have been!@ Amy: Just you watch her with those scissors. Girls have a habit of trying out a spot of hairdressing for themselves . . . !@ Potty Mummy: Thank heavens I read your comment after he had the cut – I'd have been having a mild panic attack otherwise! @ Blogger Dad: It is his hair and that's why I had to bend to his wishes in the end. He was fed up with being called a girl and I think the fact that his hair is longer than his sisters tipped the scale. "I am all for whatever sort of expression of individuality a child wants to make" – he first asked for a mohawk with green bits in. There is only so much expression the school will allow!

  16. nixdminx says:

    Hello there – I've tagged you in the meme that's going round, please have a go, it'll take your mind off the grade 2 skinhead do. x

  17. DCUrbanDad says:

    I would give anything for hair like that.

  18. Lisa (Jonny's M says:

    Uh no….pretty sure I would freak out too. I hate when my son gets a hair cut because I always get all mushy over it…it is hair. Good, Lord. But then…apparently I am not alone. Why do I have all these…..no idea…..OK. Enough with the periods. Dang…..sorry!

  19. Kool Aid says:

    I love the shaggy hair look! Little Man's hair is so thick that I feel like I have to get it cut because, well, because he's 3, but I'm looking forward to the days when it's all shaggy but neat and covering his eyes. Trey, on the other hand, might not be too keen on it. We'll just have to see.

  20. Turf Dad says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Turf Dad says:

    I think he looks like you, even the hair. I had a mop like that when I was his age, so naturally I think its cool.My son's hair is fuzzy. I grows more like a Chia Pet. He prefers the short spikey cut.

  22. Rebel Mother says:

    My son used to have longish hair and I got so fed up with styling it, dampening it down, combing it, sticking gel on it, I got it snipped off. Hubby was mortified, but Olly loved it and felt much happier. Now you can just one of the above instead of all four! Aah, Life gets easier…

  23. WHat a handsome lad and no, you're not the only one! I used to get upset when my boys had their hair cut too — although my middle son's hair grows very thick and fuzzy so getting his done is easy!

  24. Tara says:

    @ Lisa: I'm glad it's not just me getting mushy over hair! Feeling much better about it now, especially after all those full stops. Stop now woman!@ Kool Aid: Boys hair is just gorgeous. End of. Long and it's all rock star, short and it's all clean cut and little boy grown up.@ Turf Dad: Everyone says he looks like me. He's a really pretty boy and he HATES it! I'm pretty sure he's going to like it when he's a teenager and on the hunt for girls. @If I Could Escape: Hello and welcome and now i have to find out what you want to escape from! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. @ Rebel Mother: It is really high maintenance long hair isn't it! It took longer to 'style' his hair than it did his siters. Not any more . . .

  25. Vodka Mom says:

    buckle up= it only gets BETTER. (Did I say better? Yeah, that's what I meant…)

  26. Maternal Mirth says:

    Same issue with the 11YO on my end … sigh.

  27. Smitten by Britain says:

    Tara, you know I'm a new follower so I didn't see this post originally. Caught it from Linkwithin. As the mother and wife of two boys with long hair, all I can say about this photo is "Aww, what a cutie!" And it sounds like I'm too late to save him from the clippers. Ian had hair to his shoulders at one time and I loved it. Was disappointed when he cut it off but now it is growing out again. He does the thing of throwing his head to the side to keep it out of his eyes as it grow. Annoys the hell out of me. Just like us girls, it's the in between stage that is the pain in the arse. RE: Today's post -the little Miss is precious. It's so good they are pumped for Halloween. Ian was never much more than a Power Ranger. Never really got into it. I think he thought he was too cool even at 6.

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