I (nearly) killed Baby

Before you all start to panic and come at me with pitchforks and angry faces, Baby is my daughter’s beloved doll that she takes everywhere with her. Everywhere.

She is grotesque. And that is me being diplomatic.

This ‘thing’ plagues me (and probably carries some form of plague in the folds of it’s threadbare outfit), but my baby girl adores Pink Baby.
Even though it stares up at you with one eye permanently closed and has a bit of an odd whiff about it, she will not let that grubby looking slightly offensive doll out of her sight.
The arms and legs are soft, filled material and only the head, hands and feet are plastic.
She has drawn on the hands in blue pen because “Baby wants a tattoo” and the ‘hair’ is starting to wear off.
But every night she cuddles up to her and every morning they have breakfast together, get dressed together (although Baby wears the same horrendous babygro).

I used to watch her coo and fuss over Baby and wonder at how little girls (even little girls who want to be little boys) mimic their mums by rocking their dolls in their arms or stroking their face or, in my case, holding her by one leg and tossing her on the sofa.

As I’ve mentioned before, anyone who asks: ‘what is the dolly’s name?” is treated to a withering stare as if you’ve just asked “can I cut your doll’s head off” and she replies: “It’s Baby”. And you had best leave it at that.

Kind grandparents have tried buying replacements. She is not interested.

So today, I took it upon myself to wash 3 years of grime from Baby’s little body.
I put her in the washing machine. With 2 big fluffy towels to soften the blow. I put her on gentle wash, 30 degrees.

When she came out the left side of her very hard head had caved in.
I was beside myself with panic. I tried to force it back into shape but the eyes just started to bulge and stare up at me, accusing me. And did I mention that the head was very hard?
So there was nothing for it. I had to operate. With pliers.
I grabbed Baby’s ear and pulled.
Sure the head is back to something approaching normality now, but boy her ear looks weird.

I was dreading Mia coming home and noticing that mummy had defiled Baby so I was all ‘look at how lovely and clean Baby is. Aren’t you pleased?’
She looked her up and down, shoved her under her arm and said “s’ok, but she sure smells funny”.

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  1. Yummy Mummy says:

    We have a bunny. 4 in fact, just so we can avoid this situation. My little guy can totally tell when they come out of the dryer and I have to "sneak" the clean one in when he isn't looking. Glad to know that baby has a few more lives in her!xoxoym

  2. Tara says:

    @ Modern Mother: I've got to wait until she's 7! Oh hell@Stiletto Mom: I was crying for entirely different reasons.@Yummy Mummy: Glad to know it's not just me!

  3. Kat says:

    Nice recovery there!

  4. We have one of those too, but I think at seven, she has finally given it up (fingers crossed).

  5. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard….

  6. PrettySprinkles says:

    Genius! Glad Baby is alright.

  7. Robert says:

    i really loved this story.

  8. Mum Gone Mad says:

    Oh Nooo! I'd have been in a panic, well done for remaining calm under fire and great work on the operation. I now know not to stick the bloomin' things in the wash (baby girl has just acquired first doll! It's quite clean so far)luv Karen x

  9. Corey Schwartz says:

    Ha! Hilarious. That story reminds me of a couple of my favorite picture books!(Knuffle Bunny, That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown)

  10. Vered - MomGrind says:

    I loved loved LOVED the ending. You're such a good storyteller.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Funny! This was written perfectly.

  12. Home Office Mum says:

    Love it. So glad neither of mine ever had an attachment to any one particular toy as I'm sure I would have ended up doing much the same and never being forgiven.

  13. More than Just a Mot says:

    I am soooooooo glad I'd seen your twitter update about this, otherwise I'd have been quite disturbed when I saw the title of this post! None of mine have favourite toys (yet) but they are all obsessed with their muzzies (muslin cloths) which are at least interchangeable and easy to wash.

  14. Kelloggsville says:

    Reminded me of travelling long haul with baby Annibelle, I would have gladly have caved it's face in by the time we got there.Patience is a virtue in a mum and the ability to think fast and do some fine work with a pair a pliers a great skill. Well caught after a fumble I say – good one!

  15. Littlemummy says:

    I could almost feel your panic! Looks like you got away with it ( I bet it'll be a gentle handwash next time haha).

  16. Mary T says:

    I've been there!

  17. Currently Untitled says:

    this is so weird! i just read a post by another mum in almost the exact same situation! (except her kid's baby is still in tact lol)http://www.iusedtobewitty.com/2009/04/who-are-you-calling-creepy.html <-here's the link.and nice work with the pliers.

  18. Blogger Dad says:

    Wow, that's scary! Dave Fowl-er had a similar situation with a doll he owns. That's about all I'll say on that subject, though.Good thing you didn't kill Baby. Man, she mighta' cut YOUR hair or something.

  19. Tara says:

    @ Mum Gone Mad: My advice to you is if she really takes to that doll and won't be parted from it, buy another one as soon as possible. I left it too late and any replacement was just slightly different and she knew straight away!@ Corey: We love Knuffle Bunny too (but we would so not get up in the middle of the night and tramp across town to change those bunny's back!)@ Vered: Coming from you, that is such a compliment. x @ Home Office Mum: My son was never attached to anything really either. Either it's a girl thing or second time around I got the parenting thing all wrong and she needed something to cling onto for dear life.@ More than Just a Mother: Muzzies is a great word! My neice had a thing for smooth, slippery material between her fingers when she was little and her favourite was the labels on clothes. So her mum had to carry a pair of knickers in her bag at all times – it was the smallest item of clothing! Got her some ver strange looks back then!@ Kelloggsville: Hey there and welcome. And ooooo, I feel your pain! @ Littlemummy: Hello hello. I simply don't 'do' handwashing, but you're right, I'll be making an exception for Baby!@ Currently Untitled: And bizarrely, when I go over to check the blogger out, she has flowers decorating her blog that my daughter has all over her bedroom wall. Spooky!@ Blogger Dad: Oh that's just great. Now you're going to give me nightmares of my daughter advancing towards me with a pair of hair scissors whispering 'just a trim mummy'. Thanks. As for Dave's doll, I'm curious as to how you know so much . . .

  20. Single Parent Dad says:

    Tara, I would love to read your un-polite narrative, where might one find that. What, what, what, what, what.

  21. Maternal Tales says:

    Oh poor you – I can feel your panic when you opened up the washing machine!! When I realised Renée had grown attached to something she called Woof Woof we went straight out and bought another. Then we hid it in a draw and kept interchanging it when either one got dirty. Problem was, she managed to find the spare one and now she has to go to bed with Woof Woof and Woof Woof!!

  22. Potty Mummy says:

    Thank god for boys (and multiple purchases of comfort blankets…)

  23. Lisa (Jonny's M says:

    You murderer! Almost murderer! :-)So far my son has not gotten attached to any one thing for too long. Buzz Lightyear for awhile and now a plush Spiderman, but nothing for too long. I'm sure it will come eventually and I'd better be careful I don't break it or ruin it!

  24. Linda says:

    Hiya Tara, it was so lovely to see you on the networking thingamajig for bloggers – I just can't get my head round it. It's 15 years since I last saw you you know, I've put on a few stone since then…anyway can be in touch properly to witter on about that! I'm so glad to have found your blog too – brilliant writing and great to read, I don't suppose that should be any surprise. I've currently got two little mates round for tea but as soon as I get chance I will pull up a chair and read as much as I can of Sticky Fingers.Good Day to you Madam.xx

  25. Linda says:

    Oh *&^%$ what I meant was it isn't any surprise OF COURSE. Right, where is my bed?

  26. Nunhead Mum of One says:

    I had Floppy the teddy bear that I refused to let my mum wash for four years in case "he melted" in the washing machine. When she finally prised him out of my arms (I was six, heading for a sleep over at my cousins and I FORGOT Floppy) she washed in gently by hand…..he survived but his stuffing turned to dust…..by the time I got home he looked like he'd been on a crash diet.Mac now has Roo (the kangaroo) that he lets me wash every now and again but he has to sit in front of the washing machine for the whole cycle to check that he "isn't drownding mummy"

  27. notSupermum says:

    'BABY'S HEAD HAD CAVED IN!!'I actually spat my tea all over my keyboard when I read that. Thanks!

  28. iota says:

    You murderer, you callous murderer.

  29. Tara says:

    @ Single Parent Dad: I am a refined lady, I simply don't to "un-polite narrative".@ Maternal Tales: Caught out by your own genius! That is harsh. @ Lisa: Listen and learn, my dear, listen and learn! @ Linda: Is it really 15 years ago? That's before babies, before marriage, before mortgage. I can't even remember that far back. Am thinking that might actually be a good thing . . . @ notSupermum. Sorry! @ iota: I think you'll find that I rescued her, so what you actually mean is "you saviour, you wonderful saviour"@ Nunhead Mum: Now I have an insight into what my poor little girl must go through every time I threaten to 'pop Baby in the washing machine'. She must think her best friend is going to melt!

  30. CK Lunchbox says:

    OH WONDERFUL!!! What's your address, I'm shipping a box load of "Pink Baby" replacements. I swear the girls purposefully selected the the most menacing, evil-looking dolls they can find. They're going to grow up and be Goth or something. Have you seen what me and the wife do with them?http://schadenfreudette.vox.com/library/posts/tags/creepy+babies/

  31. Expat mum says:

    OK. SO should I try that with a 16 year old koala bear that has only been washed once and even that caused severe trauma! The thing is now so old, stinky and fragile that it will probably disintergrate at the mere whiff of soap!

  32. zooarchaeologist says:

    we have a bunny in a similar state. I think you are very brave for leaving it three years before you washed it! We have a special bunny need a bath routine, you could try a similar thing in future.Im picturing 'pink baby needs brain surgery' roll play for the next wash lol!

  33. Tricia says:

    Phew!! I was imagining a serious meltdown.

  34. Nunhead Mum of One says:

    Tag for you at mine xxx

  35. turnitupmom says:

    My old friend took "baby" to college with her, with one arm hanging by a thread….literally. I could totally picture this story :)Please visit my blog for a free SPA product GIVEAWAY, until April 30th!

  36. 280 Days says:

    My baby girl has a white snuggle blanket, for which we share your same affliction regarding limited washing allowances. However, a recent bout of sickness (she always aimed for the blanket, not the sick bowl!) meant I had to throw it in the washing machine, despite her pleas. Post wash-gate, a friend asked if I had bleached the snuggle. I explained that no, I had just finally dared to wash it. "But wasn't it grey before?" she asked. Umm, no, that was just years of dirt! I hang my head in shame.Glad to hear it's not just me! And well done with the plier action:)

  37. Vodka Mom says:

    oh sweet jesus you scared me for a minute………

  38. Rebel Mother says:

    Good Heavens – all these posts! I've tagged you over at mine if you fancy coming out to play. Your 'It'

  39. Malene says:

    Came across your blog and it made me smile not a mad achievement for the kind of day I am having! 🙂

  40. Victoria says:

    We've got a similar baby, called Charlie who is also disgusting. Our seven year old still sleeping with her blankies (muslins), the worst of which are still grey even after washing. We always get an earful when we wash them as it makes them smell 'funny'. My Dad still loves labels after a childhood obsession with a silky blanket edge. He's 63.

  41. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee, that was brilliant. I suppose if Mia notices the ear you could say you were trying to pierce it to go with her tattoo?? 😀

  42. a_healthier_me says:

    Too funny. My son never clung to one thing that long, but my cousin had a blanket that by the time he gave it up, was about the size of a ratty washcloth. 🙂

  43. Jennifer says:

    Glad to hear she didn't notice the ear too much. My favorite toy as a child was a big stuffed lion, I called him "Liony". LOL

  44. {Katie Lane} says:

    This is a very cute and funny story. It made me smile 🙂

  45. Pam says:

    You lucked out on that one. Phew!

  46. Preston says:

    Awe you sure got lucky with that one. My daughter had a glow worm baby when she was little and trying to get that away from her to clean it was murder. 🙂 Happy SITS day!

  47. Astrid says:

    OMG! Ha ha ha! Great post and an even better ending than I would have predicted! Happy SITS day!

  48. Tricia says:

    HEHE… cute story. I too had a doll named Sarah, that my mom washed and her head fell off. I never fully forgave my mom for that. HAHA… At least you got it back to normal!Happy SITS!

  49. Becky @ Our Sweet Pe says:

    too adorable!!!!

  50. Yaya says:

    That's so cute!

  51. Ryan and Katie says:

    I remember when my mom washed my favorite dolls and blankets…it made me cringe…but it's a necessary evil!

  52. Cher says:

    you're a good mom…

  53. Mommy of Many says:

    Oh No! This doesn't sound good, when I melted my daughter's baby she had a meltdown also.

  54. Jacky says:

    I'm so glad my 5 year old sister doesn't have one of those…Happy SITS Day! =)

  55. Connie Weiss says:

    LOL! Our *baby* is a Lamb puppet named Sam. (I named him when I was dead tired….Sam the Lamb it is) and SAM used to be white he is not a dingy, matted grey. But he is loved!!!

  56. Melissa says:

    LOL! We haven't gone through this, but I enjoyed your account.

  57. Jeannie Finelli, RN says:

    Sounds like Baby's here to stay. You should probably put a little something aside for her university dorm fees.

  58. She will still have that same attitude when she's older. Don't think she is going to outgrow it!

  59. Reluctant Housewife says:

    I love your daughter's attitude about everything. About the teenagers and about Baby. How wonderful. What a little character. "S'ok but she sure smells funny." hahahahaI'll have to follow you just to see what she says next.PS: I'm pretty sure modern parenting wisdom would tell you not to put babies in the washing machine. Just sayin'.

  60. Rachel says:

    "s'ok" Haha!My little brother carried around one of my old dolls for a while….until he threw her up in the air and she landed in a giant pot of gumbo!

  61. (army)Wife says:

    Your daughter says the funniest things! I remember when my mom washed my teddy bear and his little plastic purple nose fell out. That kind of stuff can scar a child for life 🙂

  62. Joy says:

    Love your writing. Just charming!Happy SITS feature day to you!

  63. Robin says:

    LOL….so funny 😀

  64. Bentley Boutique says:

    Ours was a blankie. One twin was extremely attached to it. He even insisted on taking it to the tub with him once (that didn't go over too well.) Fortunately, with twins, I had 2 identical blankies, so I could sneak one in the washing machine every now and then:)

  65. Laura says:

    I'm happy to say neither one of my girls got attached to a doll or blankie or anything like that.

  66. mommy4life says:

    At least her head didn't melt…..Why do they insist on keeping the most disgusting loveys?

  67. Kristin says:

    The dude has a bunny. He's not yet one so le bunny has not gotten too nasty yet, but he sucks on its ears, paws, tail or whatever body part he's interested in the time. I have a feeling that his little buddy is going to be pretty gnarly someday!

  68. Faith Imagined says:

    I would have just died!!!!

  69. the vacuum lady says:

    Boy, this brings back memories. My little girl is 19, but she had "big baby" that was a third generation doll from my friend's daughters that had grown up. That means that "big baby" was almost as old as me! You should smell her!

  70. "FINE"al t says:

    Stopping by from SITS…what a funny story! Maybe you will get lucky and she will outgrow Baby soon.

  71. Cammie says:

    there is a little girl in Mallory's class at daycare who has a monkey she carries everywhere. I often wonder what will happen when he "dies"

  72. missy says:

    oh no!!!!!! that is funny!!!!!!!funny the things they notice as being different!!!!!

  73. Superjaxster says:

    Too funny. Her head caved in.

  74. T~T says:

    phew – that was a close one!

  75. Amy says:

    My son has a bear much the same as Baby. I am dreading the day when it just unravels and falls apart. We are approaching that day rather quickly. So glad she didn't notice the deformity 🙂

  76. Danemama08 says:

    Well at least you didnt rip its head off! And Im so glad that Baby is fine!

  77. The Mom @ Babes in H says:

    What a riot! Kids always notice the things we least expect them too, and then don't notice what we think they should, huh?! Enjoy your day in the SITS spotlight.

  78. Brandy says:

    At least you repaired her…I can't imagine how horrific it would have been if Baby was permantly damaged.

  79. Robbie S. Redmon, LP says:

    Love this story!

  80. Pricilla says:

    Happy SITS day!Heh heh. And then one day she won't care about Baby and more and you will miss the baby that was your daughter as she becomes a young lady.*sigh*

  81. Mira says:

    I bought each of my kids 3 of their loveys but naturally they are going to choose their heartbeat teddies which already smell, to be their main love. Well that's annoying! I thought I'd avoided the disgusting grey overused problem. Probably not!

  82. MochaTrina says:

    LOL…When I was a little girl I had a blanket that I wouldn't let go. Each day my mom cut a little piece and the blanket got smaller and smaller and then it was gone.

  83. Marrdy says:

    Baby was almost a gonner! And clean does have a weird smell.

  84. Mariel says:

    We've got a "baby" at our house too! You're a great writer!Mariel http://www.oneshetwoshe.com

  85. Kara says:

    Oh, that is just too funny! It's a good thing you didn't rip her ear (or head) off altogether. Thanks for the good laugh!

  86. Lizz says:

    Oh I dread the day when something happens to Blankie.

  87. Tonya says:

    Glad she didn't notice anything out of the norm with Baby! Happy SITS day!

  88. B.o.B. says:

    oy. she is going to be just like my friend who STILL has this stinky bear named Harry. we're 29. happy SITS day!

  89. J says:

    I had something like that when I was a little girl. She had breasts and long blonde hair and her clothes were always falling off – I called her Sleazy Doll!

  90. Ronnica says:

    It's true…clean is a funny smell.

  91. Michelle says:

    LOL…of course she preferred the stink. LOL

  92. My sister told me to buy several loveys or whatever they are called if my kids fell in love with one so that I would always have a back up. Thankfully, this never happened with all three kids. However, my sister's son has a blanket that we call "bubby" and when he loses it, we have to send out an Amber Alert. Visiting over from SITS! Happy SITS Day!Staciehttp://www.thedivinemissmommy.com

  93. AWESOME post. My little girl has a "baby" too…and gives that same nasty look if you ask her name :)HAPPY SITS day!

  94. Jessica says:

    Hahahaha. Some of the commentors make a good point about buying duplicates of that special (read: nasty) thing that our kids inevitably fall in love with. But sometimes, it's just not possible! How could you ever duplicate Baby, right?? My son is attached to a dingy yellow Sleep Sac of all things. I've contemplated cutting it into three parts so we have a back up and an emergency "blankie" for the grandparents' house, too. haha

  95. Mrs4444 says:

    She probably worked very hard to get her to smell "just right," Mom! Glad Baby survived…

  96. Holly Noelle says:

    I'm planning on buying multiples of our baby girl's "bunny" so that when it's beyond hope I can put it "in the wash" and it will come out "like" new.

  97. Days of Whine & says:

    oh so lucky she didn't go the other direction!Visting from SITS!

  98. Amanda @ Serenity No says:

    Good story! So glad Baby survived. 🙂

  99. Zeemaid says:

    *L* that's priceless. What we mummies do for our children. Fortunately for me our children loves one toy for about a week then moves on to a different one. Of course, they have their blankies. That's a different story altogether. :)Happy SITS day

  100. MrsM says:

    Our kids have bears, but they don't really carry them around they just sleep with them. (That gives me time to wash the darn things-although after so many washings they kind of fall apart so we have to buy exact duplicate replacement bears-though we've kept the very first 'bear' as a keepsake.)Funny story-I'm glad your daughter didn't notice!

  101. Lemonlime says:

    That's funny! My daughter has a baby doll that she has had since she was 1 yr old. She is now seven and still sleeps with it. Even throwing it in the wash can't get it to look clean anymore. I so relate to your experiences with the your daughter.

  102. Oh, man – I was really hoping we'd get to see some before and after pics!

  103. S Club Mama says:

    I have a panda bear from when I was a kid. I always threw a FIT when my mom wanted to wash him. Just cried. :SI sort of wish my son had a lovey.

  104. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Too funny! Way to go for trying.

  105. Jen r. says:

    Too funny Sitsa! Jen R

  106. carma says:

    Boy, you got lucky on that one!

  107. K says:

    So funny!Glad to know Baby survived her big white water adventure.

  108. Mel says:

    Maybe the doll was already so worn, she didn't notice after all….LOL. That's funny!

  109. Alicia says:

    That was a close call!! You should post a picture of Pink Baby…now I'm curious!

  110. Lindsey says:

    I agree – I want to see a photo of this Baby. Creepifying though it may be, hehe.

  111. Mikki Black says:

    I too, had a horribly ugly doll. But I didn't realize it until I was 25 and going through my old things at my Mom's house. I found the doll's case, got all excited, ripped it open to show off my favorite doll of all time, and …YIKES!Oh, I put it back so quickly. The memories… they burn!

  112. Helen McGinn says:

    Aw, where's the picture?? ;O) xx

  113. Jen says:

    LOL, I agree with Helen, where's the picture?

  114. Rachel says:

    I'm wondering, too, about a picture of Baby!

  115. Jessica G. says:

    LOL! I feel your pain! I dared to wash my son's blanket and it nearly dissolved in the wash. Who knew that it was being held together by snot and crumbs?

  116. Prep-E Girl says:

    Sounds like something my cousin's daughter would have! :)-E

  117. Mine was Dolly, and she was so worn and disgusting. My parents tried to replace her with a new Dolly, but new Dolly didn't have the same holes in the arm for me to comfortably stick my fingers while I sucked my thumb.

  118. Charmaine @ randalsw says:

    What a character! I love it!

  119. sandy says:

    Now that is taking a chance! Washing a lovey is always risky and yes it does wash off the precious smell;0)

  120. Elizabeth says:

    Too funny! My 16-month-old little guy hasn't found a lovey yet, but I'm so dreading that day, from all the stories I've heard about losing them, killing them, etc.! 🙂

  121. Mama Mair says:

    Great story. Well written. I can almost smell Baby with that great description!I used to have a "Baby" too. It was a stuffed pink bunny. It had one ear. At some point when I was old enough to use scissors I have it a haircut. That meant chopping off an ear.It's still grimy, smelly and gross and hiding somewhere in my grandmother's house.Happy SITS day!

  122. Amy says:

    My 9 year old still has the baby she got on her first birthday. She is still very protective of it. Good luck with weaning her from it 🙂

  123. Sharon and Billy Bla says:

    I shouldn't admit it but I have a "BABY" in my past. Still have it. She still sports the scary Night of the Living Dead haircut I gave her when I was 4 years old.Her eyes are somewhat … odd do to my constant fooling with them. There. Now you know. Love from a SITS girl.Sharon Catherine Blanks

  124. dddiva says:

    Haha my kids still have theirs- and one of them has a son of her own now.

  125. Michelle says:

    Oh I am dying of laughter. And I totally understand with Little Miss dragging Snowy the bear with her EVERYwhere. And so unable to do anything in the house without Snowy (who isn't allowed to leave the house, thank God). Glad the emergency surgery was successful!

  126. I got to sit on Santa's lap when I was about 4 with my naked, plastic little baby doll and was immortalized by appearing on the front page of the local newspaper. We still put the picture out every Christmas, me, Santa (wearing the 70's looking cat eye glasses), and my bald naked baby doll.

  127. Chrissy says:

    This is too funny!! I've been there:)

  128. knit1kids4 says:

    Oh yes… lovies are a breed of their own, aren't they?Happy SITs day!

  129. Chrissy & Geran says:

    Nice save!!

  130. Just as well you're in the UK – you'd be arrested in 33 states here…..

  131. Gamma Sharon says:

    Lol, what a precious little girl you have!Hope you have had a great SITS day!

  132. Rbarakat says:

    That is too funny!

  133. greedygrace says:

    Hee hee hee… are you sure we don't have the same daughter???

  134. Hillori says:

    you made me laugh so hard!!!!

  135. Norine says:

    Hilarious!!! My husband being a marine biologist, we don't have dolls, per se … we have sea creatures — or crittrers as our Southern nanny calls them. My son's favorite is a crustacean that for ages we could not figure out what kind — even checking all my husband's marine bio books — so we just called it Crustacean. Then one Christmas, my son started calling it Cee-Cee and so that's it's name now. And we eventually figured out it was a hermit crab. So that's my kid's lovey — a hermit crab named Cee Cee!Keep blogging. This is great!Norine Don't Put Lizards In Your Ears

  136. Anne says:

    Oh man, I am cracking up imagining you panic stricken and operating with pliers – too funny!

  137. Jillian says:

    made me laugh so hard co-workers were asking if I was ok..

  138. Oh my, so glad the pliers didn't rib off Babies head 😉 You are such a funny writer!Jamie 🙂

  139. BlogBaby says:

    Glad to hear "Baby" pulled through her sudden onset of sunken face, it CAN be a deadly condition, especially if caused by a vehicle deliberately rolling over baby's face. ;)So happy to hear she is back safely in the arms of her beloved Mama Mia.BlogBaby

  140. omygosh haha my mom has one of these! in her closest! how funny! Your daughter sounds like the cutest!!!

  141. Sadiebug and her Mom says:

    This sounds like when my mom almost through my Cabbage Patch Doll in the washer. We bathed her instead in a tub with Woolite. Little bugger is still pretty darn dirty.

  142. danikeith says:

    i had "pillow person" beloved and yet not worthy of an actual name, ha!! very funny

  143. Laura says:

    (Have just realised this post made our Blog Love list back in May as we loved it so much!)

  144. MummyMatters says:

    I love this post, me and Hubby are "crying" with laughter – I am now assessing the baby I have bought my little girl for Xmas, perhaps I will get a wipe clean one instead!

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