Toxic sweets, cheap tat and redecorating the house: the hell of children’s party bags

In his first year at school my son had about 25 party invites.
Ok so I’m exaggerating slightly, but I don’t think I’m far off the mark.
During one month, he had an invite pencilled in for every weekend, plus two midweek.
It comes to something when my son’s social life totally outstrips my own.

A nice weekend away in the countryside? No can do; Molly has a clown party slap bang in the middle of Saturday and Jake is having a Go Cart party with bouncy castle which will cut Sunday in half.
And don’t even get me started on the whole party bag thing.

I did not know stress until I found myself circled by 12 eager and very insistent children demanding to know where their party bags were at my son’s 3rd birthday.
By the age of three they know the unspoken party rules – fun, food, sing Happy Birthday, party bag.
And heaven help you if you deviate in any way shape or form.

Last year I was interrogated by a little girl who had scoped out our house the minute she arrived and couldn’t see any sign of said party bags. She was insistent that I tell her whether or not they would materialise any time soon from some hidden goodie cupboard.
And she had the look of a child who would have her mother call a solicitor if she doesn’t get her bag of bootie.

This weekend we had a double whammy of children’s parties – my son at a football party, my daughter at an indoor soft play area (gah!).
Hubby and I had to divide and conquer and when we converged back home we pooled our party bags to pour over the latest pile of cheap crap we had acquired to litter our house for the next few weeks.
Pickings were slim. The chocolate cake was, of course, smeared over the back seat of the car, the radioactive sweets sucked then stuck to the carpet, the various wrappers littered the parcel shelf.
The plastic crap in our haul was a yoyo which will break the minute you so much as look at it, a giant bouncy ball (“look at the stars in it mummy”) that will probably lead to mummy breaking her neck as it’s left in the hallway, a mini maze game where you need to manoeuvre the balls into the holes and a mini, bright green highlighter pen (cause that’s an ideal thing to give a naughty 3-year-old).

But by far the gift to elicit the biggest ‘wow’ was a pale pink mini tube of lipstick.

I want to drag that mummy who put a lipstick into my daughter’s party bag by the ears to my house and show her the devastation her ‘generous’ gift has had.

I could forgive her the stress she caused as I was forced to watch helplessly from the driving seat as my precious girl started gnawing on the toxic sugar pink stick, ingesting all kinds of cell-frying chemicals as she missed her lips by a country mile.
And I admit it was quite adorable watching her turn all girly as she popped her lipstick into her strawberry-shaped handbag, proud as punch.
But that feeling evaporated this morning as I awoke to the sound of hubby’s voice raised about four octaves in shock. I instantly knew Mia’s days of make overs were, well, over.

Bored of putting the lipstick on her lips, our versatile little girl tried to redecorate the bathroom wall, the soap, the flannel, the white doors, her brother’s bedroom wall and finished off with a flourish on her new white wardrobe.
I mentioned the whiteness of everything, right?
(All of which did not go down well with hubby who spent 30 minutes in the garage trying to sort out which colour paint pots were used on which walls. I’ve heard him swear twice, then shout from the depths of the garage: ‘whose room did we paint Thai beige? And why the hell would we buy a paint called beige?’).

My children have brought home some gorgeous party bags in the past. Party bags that, to be frank, probably cost more than the gift we wrapped up and handed over.
And I’m thinking of Frog in the Field specifically when I talk about this sort of bag.
These were not those sorts of bags. These left an inky reminder on your hands after you had held them for more than 5 minutes and the contents will find their way into every available crevice in my house as they invariably get broken/forgotten/bored of.
So fess up. What’s the worst toy/sweet/gift yours have brought home in their flimsy little plastic bags?

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115 Responses to Toxic sweets, cheap tat and redecorating the house: the hell of children’s party bags

  1. Vered - MomGrind says:

    I can totally relate to the so-many-parties-we-can't-do-anything-on-our-weekend issue. But the party bags we got so far were no more than annoying – they fill the house with tons of useless, cheap plastic toys. I just throw them out when the kids are at school. They never notice.

  2. Maternal Tales says:

    Ooh bubbles which spill over the back seat of the car, bouncy balls which now have teeth marks in them, sticky lolipops which fall onto the floor and are found weeks later covered with hair and various other bits of fluff, smarties (same) and my absolute favourite – squdgy rubber monster things full of goo which leak the very second they're given to a toddler leaving permanent red marks over newly bought party clothes. Hmph…

  3. Noble Savage says:

    I just had a birthday party for my daughter yesterday and did the dreaded cheap gift bag. A small soft football, a mouth organ, some hair slides, bubbles and a chocolate lolly. I would've handcarved some tasteful wooden toys or bought some expensive organic treats if only I had bags of time and cash to burn. Maybe in a few years…I hope I didn't annoy too many parents, though I think some of the gifts will be annoying me for months to come (a talking Peppa Pig car, god help me!) so I don't feel too bad.

  4. Single Parent Dad says:

    Usually some flimsy bubble blower, that ends up all over the rest of the bag's content, and thus creates a mess, and furthermore a mess of a child.Retaliation I say, identify the culprits and have 'special party bags' for them at your next party, not that I would contemplate such a thing you understand.

  5. The 3 year old went to a party on Saturday.We got cake (Yes – the remnants of which decorate my back seat) a sticky lolly, a huge refresher bar (also sticky), one of those styrofoam aeroplanes which last 10 minutes. and a balloon which I was unable to blow up due to the amount of icing the 3 year old had clarted it with before handing it to me.I always vet the party bags first and secretly remove the most sticky components. I found the refresher bar in my handbag this morning.It's so difficult, when we do a party I try to go for the least messy non sticky sweets (packet of buttons or such) a balloon and a toy of some sort, usually plastic and crap though I must admit. I have a friend who makes her own party bags and embroiders the childs initial on it.I hang my head in shame. Who has the time or skill for that? Apart from her of course … and she has 3 children.

  6. iota says:

    I hate hate hate those yo-yos, which don't even work for an adult. Yo-yo-ing is pretty hard for a child to learn, but they're always keen. Giving them a free yo-yo that doesn't work is just downright unkind. So I would love to get a party bag with a big heavy wooden yo-yo, when my child is of the age when he/she has the ability to master it (not sure what that age would be, but it's certainly definitely absolutely NOT preschool).

  7. Turf Dad says:

    My wife went to one of those "adult toy" parties. I think her bag had a can of whipped cream, some size D batteries, and a shot bottle of vodka.

  8. zooarchaeologist says:

    oooh, ive got this to look forward to! If its any consolution my lipstick- very expensive clinque one was stolen by toddler boy today who decided to use it and redecorate the sofa- yikes im still trying to get it off… I came across this girl who is based in St Albans the other day and I think I may be giving out some of these:

  9. Jonny's Mommy says:

    I never even knew there were such things as party bags until I read about them on a blog — a week before my son's party. I scrambled all over to get bags together and throw crap in them — stuff the parents wouldn't call me screaming about. When I was a kid there were no "party bags." You went, you had cake, you watched the kid open her gifts, stressed out because you didn't want to play the games, and then you left. Period. When did life get so dang complicated?!

  10. Kat says:

    I hate bubbles with the fire of a thousand hells. And no I am not exaggerating.

  11. Reasons to be Cheerf says:

    We stopped to watch the Embarrasing Illness camera crew and doctors in Birmingham once. My 9 year old was given a goodie bag with a pelvic floor massager in. Does that count?

  12. Katherine says:

    I hate those toy parachutists; first you have to thread the damn, fiddly things; then find somewhere high enough for them to "fly", which they NEVER do! Time wasted and a young child's expectations crushed in one sitting…I hate balloons too…OMG I am such a party pooper!

  13. Yummy Mammy says:

    Ok, the cake got me so I drooled through the rest of the post lolMine came home not so long back with a party bag full of bars and sweets, loads of them, until I noticed that they were all out of date, like by a few months. They went in the bin!

  14. that girl? says:

    Uh Oh – Parallel universe moment again! We had Small Childs 4th birthday party on Sunday so it was party bag city! (I have a birthday post (part one and two) to catch up on). But as to the worst party bag item – that would have to be a hand grenade shaped water pistol – yes really, and a glitter lipgloss… in the same bag! Score for inappropriate-ness!

  15. Home Mum of 2 (3 if says:

    What really annoys me is the mother who you know only gives her own offspring organic, home-baked goodies but cheerfully fills party bags with vile, E-coloured candy and confectionary that you wouldn't dare test on an animal. My kids love it though as it's their only chance to eat cheap nasty rubbish.

  16. Tricia says:

    Oh no. What a lipstick episode. We've not had anything even resembling this, but I do grow tired of all the trinkets that inevitably end up in the trash. I wish we'd just stop with the party bags.

  17. More than Just a Mot says:

    Great post. I want to rant about the crapness of party bags, but realise that my children are too little for me to have really experienced them yet. Mindyou, I have strong views about the competitiveness of party 'themes' too, so probably best not to get me started…

  18. Working mum says:

    You've just preempted my next post! It's my daughter's first party this month and oh, the party bag thing is a killer! Worst thing she received was probably the false nails and tattoos that I promptly confiscated!

  19. Home Mum of 2 (3 if says:

    I did once try to come up with a creative solution to party bags – for Daughter's 2nd birthday. Bought each child A4 sized canvases to print their hands/feet on (double whammy present + activity), organised a Lucky Dip (with tasteful and actually vaguely useful wooden gifts) and gave each guess a shiny metallic helium balloon on way out. The cost amounted to around £10 per guest – which is about £9 more than some people seem to spend on party bags round here. But despite my lateral thinking (as well as the fact that I thought they'd all be too young to expect party bags), there were quite a few disappointed little faces and hurriedly hushed questions ("Where's my ….?"). I won't be making the same mistake again and now trundle out the PB's as is my duty as mother of birthday girl/boy.

  20. a_healthier_me says:

    It’s been a number of years since we’ve been subjected to the dreaded party bags. From pencils to little plastic kazoos, to those little rolled up noise makers that get slobbery and fall apart. Pixie stix and other sugary foods that make for sticky hands and hyper kids. Thank goodness my son is old enough to be beyond those!

  21. Ashley says:

    Lipstick? Are you kidding me. They're kids, not teenagers!I have to say, the worse are the plastic kazoos. OMG – never.

  22. TattooedMinivanMom says:

    Oh don't even get me started on prty bags. Whose birthday is it anyway? Why does EVERYONE need a gift? Just like EVERYONE gets a trophy. Things are expected instad of earned these, told you not to get me started 😉

  23. jineen says:

    thankfully we haven't had too many party bag problems. kid loves if there is a note pad or pencil in there. i think the worst things we've gotten have been candy that he can't eat (he's allergic to nuts) and that makes him sad, but i usually have a replacement.I am still laughing at the wolf like attitude of the little kids trying to get their goodie bag….

  24. {leah} says:

    Oh, the joys of girls and their make-up… I only have boys….{Peeking in from SITS}

  25. Jennifer says:

    There was no such thing when I was a kid. Things sure have changed!

  26. Miranda says:

    So THIS is what I have to look forward to, eh?Awesome! Stopping in from SITS!

  27. {Katie Lane} says:

    Love this post. I never have seen the appeal of the party bag either!!

  28. Pam says:

    How well I remember the multiple birthday parties when my kids were little. And the stress over providing goodie bags at my children's birthday parties. Not sure when (or why) children's birthday parties became "events" complete with SWAG. There's a sense of competition and one upmanship to the whole thing. Ugh!

  29. Astrid says:

    Thank goodness we haven't had too many issues with party bags here. I hate the cheap plastic toys…they manage to magically disappear around here. I love it when party bags have a little can of Play Doh or a bottle of bubbles- now that's something that my girls CAN play with!Happy SITS day!

  30. Becky @ Our Sweet Pe says:

    I have two year old twins and the only parties they go to thus far are that of my sister's children and we don't DO gift bags. We typically just give them all bubbles or something equally inoffensive.

  31. Yaya says:

    Oh my gosh, I would have died!When the kids I nanny for come home with party bags I throw them out the minute their not looking. They never even ask for them.

  32. Cher says:

    oh my gosh, you are too funny. Seriously, lipstick is killer. My grandparents gave me a stick I was little, too. That ended up not just on my lips, too…sad day for my mother. HAPPY SITS DAY!

  33. Is the party bag a British thing or something that is new to this time because when my daughter was little, we didn't give out party bags, thank goodness. Enjoy your SITS day!

  34. Jacky says:

    Oh my. TO me, party bags are not a must. Although it may be because I'm older now, as Chuck E. Cheese no longer holds the same charms it once did. =oHappy SITS Day! =)

  35. Mommy of Many says:

    I have 6 kiddies so we have to limit their social calendar or every waking moment would be consumed with kid events. I make certain we have free weekends every month. Kiddie parties aren't my favorite events.

  36. Melissa says:

    I know what you mean about the cheap gifts in goodie bags. It would be better to skip them than to fill them with breakable items of questionable origin. Lipstick and highlighter pens are new ones for me, though. Ugh.

  37. Visiting from SITS. Enjoyed your posts and the visit today. Congrats!

  38. Reluctant Housewife says:

    I'm right there with you on this one. I hate those party bags with sticky candy and cheap toys. My son did attend one party though, at the local science museum, that had spectacular party bags filled with really cool science-related toys. When it came time to plan his party we went with the science museum party which included a tour of the museum, cool science experiments, lunch, cake and party bags. I didn't have to do anything but show and pay for it, obviously, but it didn't cost more than hosting it at home would have. I think every parent should do the same. Although, in your case, hosting your childs' party at my local science museum would mean expensive airfare since I'm in Canada… So you might want to reconsider. 🙂

  39. Jeannie Finelli, RN says:

    My youngest son received several SHEETS of glow-in-the-dark star stickers. Walls, furniture, CEILING FANS (did I mention my son's a gymnast?), lamp shades… All in all, it took me about three years before I'd scraped the last of them off.

  40. Rachel says:

    Organic yogurt. One mom actually handed out organic yogurt.

  41. Queenie Jeannie says:

    Fabulous post!!Enjoy your special SITS Day!!!

  42. Joy says:

    I do recall many a party bag that made me wince thinking of the money wasted!Congrats – again – on your SITS feature day!

  43. RebeccaMom says:

    ah yes, the dreaded party bag… you had some strange stuff in there! lipstick for a preschooler- yikes!

  44. Cassie says:

    My son just turned 1 and my MIL made themed goodie bags for his party, despite the fact that there were only 2 other children there. All of the adults went home with bags of animal crackers, banana shaped candy, zoo themed notebooks, etc.

  45. Laura says:

    How I remember those bags. But good news, by the age of 10 or 11, the bags are gone.

  46. Bentley Boutique says:

    We have always received junk for favors. However, I have to admit, making great party favors has always been my favorite part of giving my kids a party. Cowboy party: I made them all monogrammed cowboy vests with their names on them (yes, I really did), water guns, cowboy hats, and pictures of themselves on the horse, framed in a horseshoe. That's just one example.

  47. mommy4life says:

    We avoid party bags. But I did send kazoos home once, to which a mother told me "THANK YOU!" while she rolled her eyes, since she had 3 kids with kazoos and a half hour drive home……OOPS!

  48. Robin says:

    It's been so long….I don't remember what we gave and what was ever brought home. But I think it odd to give a 3yr old a lipstick and a pen light.But we did have a little boy who (came over for dinner with his parents one night) took a fork and deep gouged our expensive dining room table. And I mean deep swirling gouges on the top….about a good 10 inches of his lovely design. Worst of it all, the parents never said a thing….no apologies no offer to have it fixed. Needless to say, we never asked them over again.

  49. Kristin says:

    If that mummy has a little girl I would send her munchkin home with lipstick at your next party. Return the favor. Ah ha

  50. Faith Imagined says:

    I only like the party bags full of candy! 🙂

  51. Cammie says:

    Im the trashy mom who skips goodie bags

  52. Superjaxster says:

    Maybe by the time I have kids this party bag trend will be over? I can hope…

  53. Brandy says:

    happy SITS day. you are a well deserving featured blogger SO FUNNY!

  54. T~T says:

    my confession – serioulsy – I – ME – I take the bags and do not even give them to my children until I have inspected every item in there. Most of the 'crap' goes to the tras bin!

  55. missy says:

    oh the party bags……grrrrr!!!!!i hear ya…..why, why, why?!?!?!?!?!what is wrong with food and fun at the party!?!??!?!because i am the mom who spends a ton on the goodie bags and worries about if they are going to like them?!?!?!?!what on earth…..who cares?!?!?!?!?crazy kids……what have we as parents done?!?!!?!?!?

  56. Amy says:

    Luckily my son is not yet old enough to be invited to birthday parties. I think they have changed quite a bit from when i was a child. I never got a gift bag. I feel gyped. I think the lesson is now learned. Only give lipstick to the children whose parents I am not fond of. Got it.

  57. It's quite the opposite for me….not one invite all year long from the kids in class :O(

  58. Kat says:

    I despise party bags. Despise them. I try to scoot my kids out of a party before they can get them. I never give them at my girls' parties. And luckily, the girls usually leave them in the car when we get home if they have managed to get them…and I can pitch them!

  59. Lacie E. says:

    I have to wonder why every bag seems to have one of those mini play dough cups in them. You know these cups the lid is practically super glued on and that's odd because once you pry that lid off the contents are already crusty and hard. oNe of lifes great mysteries.

  60. Mary at My New 30 says:

    Yikes! I had no idea there was so much angst out there about party bags!! Back in the day when my son was young, party bags were mostly candy and treats. Hope you have a great feature day!

  61. Robbie S. Redmon, LP says:

    Happy SITS Day!

  62. The Mom @ Babes in H says:

    We are just entering this phase, and I thought w/school out now it would stop for the summer – but nope – my oldest has another party this Friday. I hate the make up in the party bags too – I actually confiscate it – just cuz I'm mean like that! 🙂 Enjoy your SITS day.

  63. Pricilla says:

    Happy SITS day.Sometimes it's just good to be a goat!

  64. MochaTrina says:

    Happy SITS! My children are older and I do not miss those parties.

  65. Marrdy says:

    My children are all past the party bag age. But getting closer to the wedding age. I wonder what kind of party bags I will have to hand over for that!

  66. Lizz says:

    Oh no!!!! What a mess! I can't think of anything horrifying in party bags we've had to deal with. Usually just cheap crap that breaks in a few hours and produces tears.

  67. B.o.B. says:

    I fess up. I am never having kids. LOL! Obviously just kidding, but sheesh what a mess. Happy SITS Day!

  68. J says:

    Yeah, goodie bags are always a disaster!

  69. I seriously stress over goodie bags every year. I cannot stand the crap in goodie bags either. Great post. Visiting over from SITS! Happy SITS Day!Stacie

  70. LenaLoo says:

    Lol great post and I knew right away you were from the UK 🙂 my father in law lives in east anglia… it made me smile 🙂

  71. SugarandSpice says:

    LOL!!!I can totally relate to this….did someone say kid's meals? It's the same cheap stuff. But for some reason our children love it! I can't think of the crapiest thing ever, I just know it usually gets thrown away! Enjoy your day in the sun!

  72. Jessica says:

    Jeez, we really missed out as kids. We just had to sit and watch ONE kid get gifts because it was his or her birthday.What's next?? Everyone gets As just for showing up to class?? hahaha

  73. Holly Noelle says:

    OMG. Who DOES that?! You don't give lipstick to a girl that age! I'd be furious. Glad you seem to have a good sense of humor about the fiasco. Happy SITS day!

  74. Star Forbis says:

    Been there done that! My girls last party (it was a dress up party!) I bought a cute Picture frame for each girl and took a picture of them, printed them out and gave them to them each as they left the party! That was our "goodie Bag"

  75. Days of Whine & says:

    I despise those bags and the person who created them!I'm the mom who just puts a small amount of candy in them because I hate those tiny plastic crap toys! I why am I supposed to hand out our guests a bag of stuff EACH that costs more than the coloring book they give to my kid as a bday gift! I already shelled out cash for the food and fun!Visiting from SITS!

  76. Amanda @ Serenity No says:

    Oh, that made my heart stop. From now on, I will inspect each goodie bag that graces our home to be sure there is no make-up!!! Who does that??!Happy SITS Day! 🙂

  77. lynn says:

    Happy SITS day!Who ever came up with this goody bag idea anyway? And the elaborate bday parties? Things are so different then when I was a kid!!

  78. MrsM says:

    I despise the idea of goodie bags. This is the BIRTHDAY KID'S day-if you want presents, wait until your own birthday or until Christmas. We have had family-only parties up 'til now (our oldest just turned 5) but I am TOTALLY offended when my little sisters in law (who are 6 and 7) come to our kids' birthdays looking for loot.I make up bags that the kids can play with AT THE PARTY (this year each kid got bubbles and sidewalk chalk and then we sent them in the back yard), and then put some little candies in the bottom for them to take home. As far as I'm concerned, they'll have to wait for their own birthday if they want presents!

  79. I HATE it when the kids bring goody bags home. HATE. THEM. As a rule, when I have to make goody bags, I never include anything I would not want in my own house. I have to say, as a result I can put together a pretty awesome goody bag.

  80. S Club Mama says:

    You know, I don't remember ever having those from my friends' parties. And I never had a birthday party with friends over. With my son turning 2 in 8 days (oh gosh), I was debating on whether to have a few goodie bags for the few little ones we've invited. I'm glad I decided not to. :O)

  81. chicncheap says:

    You are hilarious and oh so wise. Note to future self – no lipsticks in party bags.

  82. Elizabeth Howard says:

    I think we as moms should just all rebel and stop doing the stupid, cheap party bags, just don't do them at all! The entertainment of other people's children as your guest at the party should be enough of a favor. I feel the same way you do about them!

  83. K says:

    God I hate party bags.I'm rebelling. I just give a balloon or something. Nobody needs more cheap toys.

  84. Mama Kat says:

    You know when I was a kid party bags were not expected…we really can't get away with avoiding them these days. But WHO packs lipstick!?! That's just crazy talk.

  85. Mel says:

    well, I know this might not count as toys, but I despise when someone sends my kids home with goodie bags filled with all kinds of candy….I mean, who has to clean up the sticky mess, and who has to deal with the absolute hyperness this sugar causes? Me! Yep, gotta love it!

  86. Mel says:

    Oh, and imagine my horror at finding a sucker that has melted into one of their block/toy boxes? Yeah, that was fun!

  87. Alicia says:

    Ugh I hate that!! I always scope out the bags first and take out all the things I don't want them to have! I'm a mean mom! Lol….happy SITS day!!

  88. Lindsey says:

    Oh my gosh, I would have had a fit about the eating of the lipstick alone! I think the worst are those cheap plastic toys. Inevitably they get broke and SOMEONE is always trying to stick the broken pieces into their mouths.

  89. Helen McGinn says:

    A skipping rope designed to maim, hurt and kill. It had metal inside the flimsy plastic…METAL! METAL spikes. I kid you not. So, ditto!Helen x

  90. Jen says:

    I try to sneak the toys into the garbage as soon as they bring them home. My daughter has one friend who gives her make-up every year. The cheap little kid make-up made in China. Over time I get most of it out of her room without noticing, but there is always some damage. Not as much as your house took though. I don't do party bags for my kids parties because I hate them so much. I have never had a kid complain either.

  91. Prep-E Girl says:

    Hahaha!!! Mine typically consisted of a few packs of sprees and a pen or such!-E 🙂

  92. Charmaine @ randalsw says:

    I hate the party bag too!! I don't even through a birthday party for my kid every year (gasp!). When I was little, we got a birthday at 5, 8, and 16. That was it. I don't think I even had a 16th. Of course, there were 5 of us! I think I'll be doing the same thing for my little ones. And I think I'll send the children home with balloons and NO PARTY BAGS!! I hate the things!

  93. sandy says:

    Party bag goodies are just plain junk! There is always some kind of fight over it at my house and then the whole lot ends up in the trash!happy SITSday!

  94. Elizabeth says:

    My little guy's too young for party bags – but his time is coming soon, and boy am I not looking forward to the evil things! You know, I once got a bottle of glitter nail polish in a goody bag at a birthday party, and spilled it all over my mom's coffee table. I don't think I've ever lived that one down.

  95. Mama Mair says:

    Great loot bag story. I toss the bag ASAP. Most of these items are a choking hazard. Who wants to make a trip to the ER with a wee one? Who knows, they might get anther party bag there, too.Fantastic writing!Enjoy your FB day.

  96. Meredith @ thinkthin says:

    Oh the lure of the party bag. Plastic rubbish toys that get underfoot and toxic lollies that stain. Remember when plastic toys only went home with the kids who had won them as prizes? And not every kid won a prize? I am so very old. Sigh.

  97. Amy says:

    Oh yeah, we have done these numerous times, and I have to say it's the makeup that gets me every time!

  98. dddiva says:

    Silly string and miniature play-doh, those blow up balloon things, little bags of confetti and other crap that gets in the carpet and clothing and doesn't come out. Yeah, I miss those days- NOT

  99. Sharon and Billy Bla says:

    Ahhhhh the pre-school swag bags! Yes. I don't think you were off the mark with 25 birthday bashes. I counted 30 with our little one. I throw all the candy away when he's not looking.Love this post!

  100. Michelle says:

    I HATE goodie bags. In fact, I'm on a quest to never have goodie bags if I can help it.We did a Thomas themed party one year where the kids followed the rail line and picked up puzzle pieces at each station that completed the wood puzzle each child took home, with the last station being the train cookie decorating station. Then we did the chocolate party where the activity was making different kinds of chocolate. And they they took them home.Then we did the stuffed animal party, which was also the favor ($5/child, don't worry).Then we did the pizza party where the kids decorated chef's hats and "made" pizza. They took home the hats and dough.This year Little Miss is going to have a "glamour" party (we won it, what else can I do?) and I'm agonizing over the bags. I'm thinking dressup fodder like a tiara and a couple little bows. I hope! Ick.

  101. Always filled with junk that actually costs a bit when you try making some of your own!

  102. Kristen says:

    I am dreading future birthday parties just based on party favors.

  103. Chrissy says:

    Thankfully party bags are a big thing where I live:) We do have a party every weekend it seems.

  104. Chrissy & Geran says:

    I hate party bags!! What a waist of money;)

  105. Rbarakat says:

    I hate those party bags!

  106. coco-ono says:

    My son just had his first party and it took forever to talk my husband into the fact that party bags are a necessity (obnoxious or not) these days.

  107. greedygrace says:

    Ah… and here is where we disagree. I LOVE goody bags! I love making them for the other kids, but I REALLY love getting them! My daughter doesn't get to eat candy, so I raid the goody bags and satisfy my sweet tooth!

  108. Norine says:

    Hands down the most horrifying thing I pulled from a party bag was the ball on the elastic that you hit with a paddle — let's start with the fact that this was for a 2 yr old's party and the ball was a choking hazard, so was the elastic and if nothing else, the ball and elastic would come off the paddle so that the paddle could be used to clobber each other. But that wasn't the worst part — the worst part was the glitter glue. Red. GLITTER GLUE! I wanted to find that mom who made up those classroom gift bags and cover her with glitter glue and smack her about with the paddle. Needless to say it all went into the trash before any damage could be done. But seriously — WTF! NorineDon't Put Lizards In Your Ears

  109. Oh my, it's true…those party bags always have the yuckiest of junk in them…they break, the kids get upset of forget about them the second they get them. I try and do one special item for favors when my girls have parties. Something the kiddos can actually use and the parents are always thankful.Jamie 🙂

  110. BlogBaby says:

    I recommend just giving party bags full of heaps and heaps of candy, that way the children get what they want and the parents have things to BRIBE them with.

  111. oh wow, is this what I get to look forward to if I have kiddies?! you poor thing. and Thai biege sounds fab!! 🙂

  112. Claire says:

    Oh my! I hear so much of this in the playground!Cxx

  113. Say Anything Notes says:

    HI! Visiting from SITS…a little late…congrats on your feature! Yes, I've heard about this…I'm only an Aunt myself, or a Tia, as I'm called. lol, But I've heard of these insane parties and the PARTY BAGS..etc. I get a call a few times a year from my sister-in law and my sister, both…wanting new ideas from me…so they can out do their party bag/boxes…from the year before! ha! We try to be reasonable, fun, safe…and lately…environmently friendly….which apparently in your case…this parent was NOT! Thai Beige!!! Too funny! My question is…is there a way out of this cycle??? We don't yet have children! How do you prevent this madness! lol Oh dear…very nice blog! Congrats!

  114. angelsandurchinsblog says:

    But who is going to be the brave mother that doesn't do a goody bag? A mother at school asked for a £5 donation to a charity, instead of presents for her boy, and the majority of the class went ballistic. 'She's trying to be saintly', 'It means buying a present AND making a donation', 'I choose who I give a donation to' etc and etc and etc. Not sure what the answer is, but like every generation before us, I think this generation is spoilt rotten!

  115. Pippa says:

    As soon as Top Ender gets a Party Bag she passes it to me so that I can take out all the things that she is either not allowed or doesn't like. Top Ender normally ends up with a bit of cake, a bit of chocolate and a sparkly pencil! The rest go straight in to my "things" box and the sweets straight to Daddy!

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