What’s your favourite movie?


I am a movie anorak.
It drives my husband nuts. But I don’t care because I love the movies and have done since I was taken to see Robin Hood (the Walt Disney cartoon version) as a child at the Odeon cinema in town.
It had a fabulous blood red carpet stretching throughout the entrance, with marble and gold decoration and the most magnificent auditorium. The huge screen was hidden behind deep green and gold curtains and it felt like the most magical place on earth to me.

THAT is how profound an effect the cinema had on me – I remember every detail.

I queued to watch ET in the rain (remember queuing!), I saw Close Encounters at a ‘wrap around screen’ cinema, I was one of the first to see Jurassic Park and I’ve seen everything that has come out of the Pixar studios.

And now my son is following in my footsteps.
It’s our ‘thing’. We do the movies together.

>He will happily take me to see Harry Potter, Iron Man and all things superhero.
We have ‘movie afternoons’ where we make a den on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn and watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Iron Giant or The X-Men and we pick holes in the plot or point out silly things that would never happen or how we would have done it different if we were directing.
He’s going to be a geek just like mummy and I’m so proud!

I was thinking about this because Tom at Turf Dad hosts a Friday Film Favourite every week and I’ve been over there ribbing him about his choices, but secretly I’m all ooo and ahh and he shot up in my estimation when he picked Little Shop of Horrors one week!

Then Urban Panther took part in a contest where you had to list your favourite movies and she was all drooling over Vin Diesel (who knew!) and I was going through the comments sucking up what everyone was listing as their favourites and doing that ‘no no no’ in my head.

And then, Writer Dad started Tweeting about the trailer for the movie version of one of our favourite children’s books, Where The Wild Things Are and I got all a dither.
So Dan and I sat and watched it together this afternoon on the computer and it was like our little secret for us to get all excited about.

Daddy has him for rugby and cricket and fighting on the bed.
We have our movies.

So, here is my question to you: what is your favourite movie/movies?

Yes, I know this is an almost impossible question. I couldn’t possible choose. I have favourite movies for the mood I’m in and if I had to make a list I would probably agonise over it for like a week and then change it again and then get all upset when someone mentioned another film I love and I missed it out.

Anyway, I’m not a film snob. I don’t think Citizen Kane was the best thing committed to print, nor do I go all pretentious when someone mentions The Godfather.
I like to be entertained, I like to ‘feel’ something and I like anything with Hugh Jackman in. Except Van Helsing, that was bloody rubbish.

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30 Responses to What’s your favourite movie?

  1. BloggerDad says:

    That is awesome that you get to bond over movies. I look forward to that day with my son, E.As for movies, I LOVE to go to an afternoon matinee when the theater is nearly empty and let the movie overwhelm me. I hate the distractions that come with seeing a movie in a packed theater.Here's a list of ones that come to mind. These are all movies which hold special memories for me or are just plain awesome.MagnoliaDark CityOffice SpaceThe ProfessionalEuropa, EuropaPan's LabyrinthThe Sixth SenseUnbreakableLast of the MohicansThe Crying GameAvalonIron GiantOver the HedgeCars (my son's first favorite movie)

  2. PrettySprinkles says:

    How old were your kids before you could take them to the movies? I used to go two or three times a week and haven't been since DD was born (3.5 years ago) :(My favourite film today is Love Actually. Makes me sob my heart out and fall about laughing all at the same time 😀

  3. Perfectly Happy Mum says:

    I CAN'T decide!!! I love far too many movies… I have to agree with PrettySprinkles about Love Actually and for all the same reasons. I saw it first time, at the cinema and sobbed from beginning til end. At times because it was sad at others because it was too funny! My husband was all "oh for god sakes, can you stop with snuffling, other people are trying to watch!"I also love Mama Mia… I can watch it over and over again! I already know the lines and soon I will know the dance moves!I also can't wait for the boys to be old enough to do cinema evenings on our sofa!

  4. Vodka Mom says:

    I LOVE movies! I don't think I could list them all- but these do come to mind..Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley)HellboyMulanSIxth Sense Van Helsing (sue me – I could eat hugh UP)Cold MountainGloryThe OutsiderThe Lord of the Rings (all of them) Bridget jones Diary

  5. Metropolitan Mum says:

    I have to say I am more of a TV series junkie. Although I do not watch them on TV (too many ad breaks), but get the DVD and do 'lipstick jungle' afternoons. Films I really like:Garden stateSomeone like youPricelessWild at heartAmelieThe Party (one of my all time favourites, must have seen it 100 times…)

  6. Single Parent Dad says:

    Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.Been the film I call my favourite for a long time. It always used to be on at Christmas and I would look forward to that more than my present sack.I remember queuing round the block, in the rain for Terminator 2. But I wasn't that impressed.I like As Good As It Gets, Stand by Me, Shawshank, Usual Suspects.Dumb and Dumber is great to lift a mood, as is Superbad. My favourite kids film is Monsters Inc, but I have yet to have my son watch that, as I am not sure on the theme, nightmares and all that.But I suppose as he has sat through, and knows all the Star Wars films, my thinking may be a little out.

  7. notSupermum says:

    Films eh? Now you're speaking my language. I LOVE films, and when I was single would go to the cinema 3 or 4 times a week – can you imagine it! Now, I take my girls and we like to go together occasionally although the Teenager-in-waiting says I laugh too loud and refuses to go to comedies with me :-(My younger daughter is also a film fan, and we often cuddle up and watch old favourites.My own favourites would include:Contact (Jodie Foster)LeonMystic RiverThe American PresidentNotting HillCrashDead Poets' SocietyThe Sound of Music (also my daughter's fave)Guess Who's Coming to DinnerSingin' in the Rain

  8. Millennium Housewife says:

    It's mean to ask just one! errr, I'll plump for A Beautiful Mind, but I know as soon as I post this I'll think of something else…

  9. Millennium Housewife says:

    Can I have one more?The Pianistahhhh, much better x

  10. Mum Gone Mad says:

    Star Wars (the first one, chronologically… you know 1977) it was so different from anything else I'd ever seen, Luke and Han were heroic and leia was fab too… sigh real escapist stuff. The Fifth Element, Sixth Sense oh all sorts, too many to think of to be honest. I'm off to see The Boat That Rocked at the weekend oh yeah Shaun of the Dead lol I could go on.

  11. Tim Brownson says:

    If I had to give just one it would have to be the Directors Cut of Lawrence of Arabia.After that I'd throw in Either Life of Brian or Holy Grail from Python, Jaws, Godfathers 1 & 2, The Usual Suspects and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

  12. These would definitely make my list:The English PatientThe GraduateWhen Harry Met SallyCity of GodHeathers

  13. that girl? says:

    Ah… my long lost fellow Movie Anorak sister! Love the movies even more than I love salted popcorn and since I got to take Small Child for the first time last week and she loved it, I am over the moon! Far too many good films to name a favourite but if you went with the following you'd be pretty close:Anything Brat PackAnything Meg Ryan (except In The Cut – too much of a departure for me!)Anything Audrey Hepburn obviously!Anything Christmassy for kids!Devil Wears PradaJerry MaguireSATC (of course!)My Big Fat Greek WeddingLove ActuallyAnd a whole load more! Bring on the popcorn!

  14. Mary T says:

    I love it now that my son is old enough to appreciate films.One of our favourites is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but we love the newer ones too. Wall E is so fantastic and there's a message at the heart of it too.

  15. Tricia says:

    What great memories you're creating with your son. I never been able to pick a favorite movie, or song, or book…I always love too many.

  16. Writer Dad says:

    Jiminy, I don't know how I could ever pick just one. Hmmm… Well, let's see right now I would say Magnolia which is what I would probably want to watch if I were alone, Kill Bill which is what I would watch with my wife (she sees it not as a kung-fu flick but one of female empowerment) Monsters Inc. with my son and Kung Fu Panda with my daughter. List changes weekly.My son LOVES Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and likes to sing the song all the time and YES that trailer for Where the Wild Things Are gave me the chills.Raising geeks is awesome!

  17. Nota Bene says:

    I loved taking my boy to the movies, but now he prefers to go with his friends 🙁 But with him I loved Ice Age and George of the Jungle.Now I can enjoy my own favourites:City of GodMalenaSound of MusicThe Quiet AmericanKill BillFour Weddings and a funeral…and about a million others

  18. More than Just a Mot says:

    OMG just too many to mention. My boy is just getting old enough to watch Disney films all the way through (Jungle Book, 101 Dalmations and Lady & the Tramp are favourites) so I'm enjoying that and hoping to phase him into 'proper' films like Chitty and Mary Poppins 🙂

  19. Maternal Mirth says:

    I only do comedies with the exception of 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' which, although pretty serious, has it's comedic moments.

  20. IB says:

    I will have to list just some favorite guy movies (don't want anyone to know I have a "sensitive side")GoodfellasPulp FictionThe Godfather (1 & 2)Dirty HarryUnforgivenAnimal HouseThe Blues BrothersSilence of the Lambs

  21. Turf Dad says:

    Lots of good movies here! I'll try to add some of my personal favorites that I haven't mentioned on my site or any other sites or here. And ones that Tara would hate!Fist of LegendPoltergeistShoalin SoccerManhunterThrow Mamma from the TrainTin CupEvil Dead 2Dead AliveTrue Romance@ IB-Nice list!

  22. iota says:

    I loved The Purple Rose of Cairo. I loved the way it laughed at the confusion of real life and fiction. Perhaps that was an early sign of the fact that I would enjoy blogging – real life interactions, but as anonymous as you choose to make it, and via a screen!For kids, I don't think you can beat Toy Story or Shrek. My kids received that cartoon Robin Hood for Christmas, and LOVED it. So much of it was familiar to me. I think it must have made a big impression on me. After all, in those days, you saw the film once, or twice if you were very lucky. None of this "getting it on dvd" that today's kids enjoy.

  23. Vered - MomGrind says:

    I'm definitely not a movie snob. I like to be entertained too. I think my favorite is Silence of the Lambs, but there were many others.

  24. OOoo I LOVE films and have just joined a DVD rental scheme. Last night I watched Little Miss Sunshine which I enjoyed. My favourite film of all time, believe it or not, is Back to the Future. I loved watching it as a child and the whole cinema experience, and Mary Poppins too. At the moment I don't think anything can beat Slumdog.

  25. Maternal Tales says:

    Ooh what a good post Tara – you certainly know how to get people commenting. Renée loved Ratatouille and the next day she even dreamed about all the rats. As for me, well here's just a few…Leon (Renée's middle name is Matilda after the little girl in it).Friday (wet myself laughing every time)Lost in Translation (ditto above)Enter the Dragon (love a bit of Bruce Lee)Game of Death (ditto above – especially the bit with Kareem Abdul Jabbar.Shawshank Redemption (boring of me but it is a goody)50 First Dates (inexplicably makes me cry)

  26. My turn! My turn!I loveSound of MusicLost in TranslationShawshank RedemptionAnything with Jack Lemmon. Bob Hope. Notting HillFour Weddings and a FuneralBorsolinoButch Cassidy and the Sundance KidOh, hundreds more… love them hugely and am so pleased that can watch things with kids now. Great post!

  27. Coding Mamma (Tasha) says:

    How lovely that you're sharing your movie love with your son. Someone asked how old he was when you started taking him. I would also like to know. Rosemary can sit through a film at home, but she is a big wriggler and I don't know how she'd do in a cinema. Rosemary has been watching films for a quite a while, now, as they used to be part of her bedtime routine! Her favourite used to be ET, but she says it's boring now (hopefully she'll change her mind again). At the moment, she loves Cinderella, Snow White and The Jungle Book. We finally managed to get her to watch Shrek the other day, and I'm hoping that will become a favourite, too. My favourite? I usually say When Harry Met Sally, but I haven't watched it for a while, so not sure if maybe I've changed. Seen lots in the comments above, that make me think 'Oh yeah, I really like that.' Others I love… Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, St Elmo's Fire (hmm, bit of a theme there!), Silence of the Lambs, Grosse Pointe Blank (actually, that might be my favourite these days). I also like to be entertained, though there are some more clever or pretty ones that I tend to really like, too (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower).

  28. musing says:

    I can never pick a favorite of anything! But off the top of my head three I adore are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, High Fidelity, and Almost Famous.

  29. Tara says:

    @ Wow you guys have really come up trumps!This is like my dream post with all these movies being talked about and suggested.You have such great taste. There are a whole load of movies in there I had forgotten about that I LOVE. @ Blogger Dad: Every child should see Iron Giant which I think is one of the most beautifully made children's films.@Vodka Mom: Tsk@Single Parent Dad: My son adores Monsters Inc. Never bothered him about the whole nightmare thing. In fact I think it helped as he understood the whole 'monsters are just trying to get energy to run their city' theme and he was fine with it!@That Girl: You are such a girl! I love it.@Writer Dad: "Raising geeks is awesome!" I couldn't agree more!@Turf Dad: I LOVED Tin Cup. Didn't think I would enjoy a movie about golf (yawn) or one with Kevin Costner in, but there you go. You see, we're not so far appart after all!@PrettySprinkles/Tasha: I took my son to the cinema for the first time when he had just turned 3, but he was already a movie buff by then and would happily sit through a 2-hour film.His favourites I'm guessing would be Star Wars (all of them), SpiderMan, Iron Giant, The Goonies, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Carribean.My daughter (3) is not so much into films and certainly not cartoons and NOT anything princessey but will sit as still as a statue through The Wizard of Oz and the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe – go figure!

  30. Katherine says:

    TsotsiCity of GodCity of MenJaws 1 and 2Star WarsRocky 1 and 2Motorcycle DiariesThis Is England…well the majority of film 4's catalogue.Son of RambowBreakfast at Tiffany's An American in ParisThe Red ShoesToo many and I've not seen many of them for years…hurray another credit crunch (free) activity – watching the DVD collectionStar Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

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