Nothing brings on stress like a 3 year old discovering make up for the first time


In the morning, while I touch up with a soupcon of make-up to wake my tired face up, my little girl sits on the bed beside me with her eyes wide with fascination.
She doesn’t move a muscle, or breathe it seems. She is utterly engrossed.

This is not good.

My little girl is mischievious. My little girl is a minx. My little girl is going to grab that mascara on the first opportunity she gets and either end up with it coating her eyeballs or her bedclothes. Or even the cat if it stands still for too long.

For the past few months she has sat there in quiet wonder as mummy applies these marvellous concoctions (and mummy is a bit of a product junkie so she has LOTS), patiently taking in every stroke of the brush with her little mouth dropped open in that vacant stare of the thoroughly intrigued.

We once visited a friend’s house and Mia and her 5-year-old daughter disappeared upstairs only to return 20 minutes later desperate to show us their ‘make over’.
Mia had lipstick on her eyelids, glitter in her ears and nail varnish painted onto her little cheeks like some crazy version of blusher.

I have no problem with her experimenting – while I’m there. My only worry is that she has super sensitive skin so I have to be careful, but I tend to opt for natural goodies anyway (don’t even get me started on how excited I can get over a pot of Neal’s Yard cream or a Liz Earle cleanser) so I’m happy for her to join in.
Well sort of. If she gets her big ole fists in my giant pot of expensive goo I’m not so impressed.

Anyway, I was asked if I would test out a bag of Aveeno goodies (creams that contain ‘naturally active ingredients’ and harness the power of oatmeal to banish dry skin – I’m a product junkie remember, I buy into this stuff) and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get Mia to join in and review them too.

No sooner had I said “fancy testing these for me honey?” she had whipped that lid off and had a blob in her hand the size of, well her hand, and was slicking it on her bare legs.

I say “what does it smell of?”
“My hands.”

“Does it feel nice?”
“Feels like mud.”

“Is it sinking into your skin?”
(it is now in her hair, up her nose and there is a blob hanging off her earlobe).

“Do you like it?”
She took it to bed, thew out the teddy and jewellery that have recently taken up residence under her pillow and went to sleep with that tube wedged under her head.


I’ve been using the cream on my hands most mornings and I have to say it’s a winner.
I got to use what was left of the Daily Mositurising Cream after a shower tonight and, unlike my daughter, managed to not get it in my hair and up my nose.
Plus it’s not the slightest bit oily and really does lock that moisture in. Could be a keeper. Looks pretty good on the bathroom shelf too. Oh and husband approved.

I have also been sent a packet of Bath Powder which I would dearly love to use, but as I haven’t had a bath since about 2004 (having a small child offer to scrub you does not a relaxing bath make) I may have to wait to enjoy that one.

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17 Responses to Nothing brings on stress like a 3 year old discovering make up for the first time

  1. Vered - MomGrind says:

    Sounds like my 7 year old. I ended up giving her one of my lipsticks. She's allowed to wear it around the house. She leaves my makeup alone, and wearing the lipstick makes her so, so happy.

  2. that girl? says:

    Ooh you're so brave – not for testing new products I mean but for letting Mia blob it on everywhere! I'm waiting for Small Child to take an interest – she does ask sometimes what the different things are for (like you I have many different things!). We once stopped at the Benefit counter together – big mistake! Due to the packaging she couldn't leave the stuff alone… much to the disgust of the assistant! Future customer I say!

  3. Single Parent Dad says:

    Who is Neil Yard?

  4. Coding Mamma (Tasha) says:

    Rosemary gets to have a bit of foundation, a couple of blobs of rouge and some lip salve. It's the only way I can get to put make-up on without tears and tantrums! I have been thinking, since Susanna's recent post, about what sort of thing I'd be happy to review, and I thought make-up and skin products would be wonderful!

  5. Christina says:

    We HAVE had makeup on the cat here. On more than one occasion! You've got quite the little sidekick there!

  6. Turf Dad says:

    "Oh and husband approved."…..hmmmm

  7. dongdong says:

    so funny! The wonder of a 3 years old. So cute.

  8. b says:

    I have my bag of Aveeno goodies to try out and I am very excited to be doing that, think I will leave it to Sunday and do a girly day with my daughter for Mothers Day and get her to try them with me as well. She sounds so sweet your little one.

  9. More than Just a Mot says:

    I've been using my Aveeno cream too & really enjoying it. I have to give my two year old (boy) a blusher brush to 'use' every morning, otherwise I don't get to put my make-up on in peace!

  10. Reasons to be Cheerf says:

    Whooooa careful there! getting your 3 year old hooked on expensive products is not recomended! Trust me I have a 15 year old that likes clinique and a 12 year old that likes Origins. Nuff said xxx

  11. Tara says:

    Gasp. Did Single Parent Dad say 'who is Neal's Yard?' Tsk.As an update, my little tester has also used the cream on Baby (her grotty, well loved doll) and it's done wonders for her cracked and peeling head!

  12. Matthew Dryden says:

    I don't think I'll have to worry about this when it comes to my son. Maybe.

  13. Take my word for it, put it under lock and key now. If you'd like, I can send you snapshots of about 5,000 US Dollars worth of carpet my daughter ruined with one bottle of nail polish. Looks like small neon pink creatures were sacrificed as an ode to Maybelline.

  14. Tara says:

    @ Matthew Dryden: Do not count your chickens my friend. The lure of glittery lipstick can be a powerful thing, no matter what your gender!@ Stiletto Mom: Arrrrrggggghhhh!

  15. Sadiebug and her Mom says:

    My daughter stuck my brand new $14 Clinique Pink Chocolate lipstick up her nose. A. I thought she had a bloody nose.B. I missed that wonderful new lipstick shape. C. My lipstick is still completely flat on top and it's over 3 months old. My girl is two and just like yours, very "spirited". Very.

  16. dadwhowrites says:

    Hmm. I recognise this, though with our four year old (now five) who grew so attached to the idea of make-up that he even had his own little kit. He's now moved on to hair gel. I'm not sure if it's a progression or not.

  17. Tamsin says:

    Sounds like my 3 year old, she came into my bedroom yesterday with splodges of my foundation all over her face (my fault for leaving it on a reachable shelf) and when she saw my face she said "I only want to look pretty like you Mammy", what could I say after that?

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