This is why I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house with my kids


I have been ‘photo tagged’ by my good friend 39 and Counting and told to follow a set of rules that picks out one of my photos and then I’m charged with explaining it.

Hmm, how do I explain this?
First of all I should start by apologising to all the intellectuals who decided to spend a quiet afternoon in their local art gallery that day, only to be greeted by this sight!

The noise the children made was possibly as loud as their face paint.

Then we gave them E numbers to shut them up (in the guise of sweets).

So the photo is of my son Daniel, who was then 5, his wife Heather also 5, and 3-year-old Mia at the beautiful Birmingham Art Gallery on a day when Heather’s mum and I decided we should get them out the house and do something ‘interesting’ and ‘educational’.

In our defence, we had just visited an exhibition on ‘myths and monsters’ where they had their faces painted.

However, judging by the reactions of some of the museum visitors, they clearly just thought we were mad.

Well, they thought Heather’s mum was mad because obviously I had slipped off to admire some artwork somewhere else and was totally pretending I wasn’t with this weird crowd.

Of course, whenever there is a meme there are rules and they are these:

Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
Pick the 4th picture in that folder
Explain the picture
Tag 4 people to do the same.

So first of all I am tagging 2 people who are just the best fun I’ve had on Twitter:
Tracy at I Hate My Message Board (who has recently been posting photos of haggis on her blog, so lord only knows where this is going!)

Kool Aid (who has just discovered the word snog and now you can’t shut her up!)

The next two are relatively new blogs I’ve been reading and really enjoying:

More Than Just A Mother (or MTJAM if you’re lazy and overly familiar like me) and

Home Office Mum, because well, that’s what I am aiming to be! Oh and she has a really exciting plan up her sleeve.

And if anyone else wants to take this tag up, go for it, it’s actually kind of cathartic!

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20 Responses to This is why I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house with my kids

  1. CK Lunchbox says:

    Wow! I'm first on a blog. Yes, a little young to be going for the Marylin Manson look, I suppose. (Ha)

  2. Fabulous face paint. Must have scared the living daylights out of some old dears quietly admiring the art. Will now go rummage through my photo files. I keep them in several places so finding the fourth folder will be a challenge.

  3. Kat says:

    I mime is such a terrible thing to waste.

  4. Kat says:

    A mime…rather…I can't think today

  5. that girl? says:

    If you're gonna go to a gallery then what could be more suitable attire than paint?! thanks for playing along… great picture!

  6. TARA says:

    @CK: First! You get a gold star my being first out of the blocks!@Home Office Mum: Wow, you came over, commented, went back and posted – that's got to be the fastest turnaround for a meme ever.You too get a gold star.@Kat: I'll give you a gold star for having 'mummy brain'. x

  7. The Dotterel says:

    I'm impressed both with the speed you've managed to do this, and that quality of the picture, Tara. I've been tagged for this, and while trying to find a pic that qualified somehow and was recognisable as something, got tagged again. I'm still Photoshoping!

  8. TARA says:

    @That Girl: Exactly! You get a gold star for being so supportive!

  9. Tracy says:

    Fabulous picture!I'll do mine tonight, although it's not really as great of a photo.

  10. TARA says:

    @Dotterel: If you could see my photos you would totally understand.I'm like a woman possessed with my camera. I am semi-nerdish.In fact I put this photo up and get a bit jittery because it's (gasp) out of focus!@Tracy: It's not haggis is it . . . @MTAM: Wow, you girls are on the ball. I'm coming over now to take a look.

  11. Vodka Mom says:

    Can you lend me some of that paint? I'm going to a conference and want to stand out. xxox

  12. Vered - MomGrind says:

    Haha face painting is tricky. While great fun for the kids, people do look funny at you when you go out on the street with face-painted kids.

  13. Tracy says:

    It is done! No haggis, and I didn't cheat to get any of my really funny photos, although the one of Kir is pretty funny.

  14. TARA says:

    @Vodka Mom: I'm sending her round. She's got bags of ideas on how to dress up your look with a. paint (preferably non-washable). b. stickers (good lord who keeps buying her those things) c. biro ("but it looks so pretty") and d. she's just discovered lipstick so I'm pretty sure she will have mastered the 'Joker' look by the end of the week.@Vered: Makes me want to say to them "what? what? It's part of their school uniform. Doesn't every school require their children to look like rough tough pirates?"@Tracy: Well done that girl. Am on my way . . .

  15. Tattie Weasle says:

    Oh Wow! Now I know what to do with The Boy and The Littlest at half term…better warn the goodly folks expecting to visit the Bowes Museum then! 🙂

  16. notSupermum says:

    Psst….there's an award for you on my blog.

  17. Too cute. I guess she'll learn about make-up from someone else.

  18. Red Rum says:

    I love your comment about apologies to the intellectuals!!! Bloody brilliant. Serves them right for being so stuffy. HEY!!! This post is also about MAKE-UP, isn't it? Which is your fave brand? Mine has to be Clinique and I love Vichy xxx

  19. TARA says:

    @Tattie Weasle: If you can't find face paint, lipstick works just as well.@notSupermum: I'm there . . . @Modern Mother: Ah yes, make up, now there is another issue. My little girl has discovered lipstick . . . and it doesn't go on her lips!@Red Rum: I daren't put any expensive brands near my daughter. She'll have the lot and I'll be left crying into my expensive (and empty) pots.

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