I love daddies (so let’s big up their blogs!)

This week Alpha Mummy (The Times online) is running a blogging carnival, celebrating the best of British mummy bloggers.

They are a great idea as it means you get to discover a bunch of new bloggers you maybe haven’t come across before and it’s like one big group hug of mums.

But what about the dads?
Are they not just as deserving?

Well yes actually, I think they are. So in honour of all those daddy bloggers out there – and I read quite a few – I am having a day to showcase your work. And not just daddies from the UK, I’m showcasing the globe here!

Also if you know of a great daddy post that you want to nominate, that’s fine too – it’s time to suck up to the ladies guys!

So here’s how it’s going to work:
Send me a link to your best post. It can be the most popular, your personal favourite, one you think didn’t get a big enough audience, whatever.

Get them to me by the end of Saturday (January 24) and then I’ll showcase the lot of you in all your glory for all to see and explore.

Send your post links to taralara@washy1.force9.co.uk.

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17 Responses to I love daddies (so let’s big up their blogs!)

  1. Vodka Mom says:

    SHould I send you a link to great daddy bloggers??Pacing The Panic RoomIrregular Periodic RuminationsClark Kent's LunchboxIrish GumboGoodFatherUs and ThemIdiot's StewJust to name a few that I love

  2. More than a Mother says:

    Top idea, I look forward to reading them. Lovely new banner, btw 🙂

  3. Potty Mummy says:

    Great idea Tara – if it's alright with you I will post on this with a link to you later on? (Not that I think many daddies read my blog, but you never know!)

  4. Red Rum says:

    Hello Tara, it's so nice, I am suddenly meeting loads of great new Mums! The only problem is that I want to read every blog from scratch, all the archives, and I just don't know when I'm going to fit it in….being driven MENTAL by Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner – SPACE PIRATES as I type. I actually LOVE Space Pirates but you know what I mean…will have a think about Daddy bloggers. Thanks for visiting me and if ANY blog name sums up the whole insane business it is STICKY FINGERS!!! Honestly, do you think we'll EVER get the houses clean again??? Look forward to reading your archives. RR xxxx

  5. ChasingSanity.com says:

    That action is hip, I'm on it!

  6. that girl? says:

    Hey Lady…I thought I'd lost my marbles and there they were at the top of your blog all along! Very nice… is this a mini facelift for Sticky Fingers?!I haven't read too many Daddy bloggers but do like Brit Out of Water and Single Parent Dad…. and of course our very own two Daves!Will be looking out for your must reads! x

  7. Captain Dumbass says:

    Aw, Vodka Mom was pimping me, so sweet. Ok, I'll dredge through the mess and see if I can find something respectable.

  8. Patricia says:

    What a nice idea! and I like the marbles at the top – what funthe guys I know who blog are Writer Dad, Blogger Dad, and Dave Fowler…I can not think of the title of his blog – Teach my kids well?I just love to learn about new blogs thank you

  9. Tony says:

    hey I like the new look – I know you're going to get a lot of people telling you that you should include Heinous, but I'm going to say – Pick him! Pick him! not only is he a great daddy blogger, he's a great blogger period and no list of daddy bloggers would be complete without him. He's the best

  10. For me, it's got to be The Dotterel with "Bringing Up Charlie".http://bringingupcharlie.blogspot.com/

  11. I've forwarded your link to my friend and one of my favourite daddy bloggers Nota Benehttp://bradstockboys.blogspot.com/let's hear it for the Dads!

  12. strugglingwriter says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today! Pratchett and Coraline. Yay!Also, I'm a Daddy. 🙂

  13. Sprite's Keeper says:

    Vodka Mom knows what I like! I second the nods!

  14. Kat says:

    I am with Vodka Mom on this one, those are all the ones I read regularly. On a side note, thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. Feel free to stop by the bungalow anytime.

  15. Tricia says:

    What a great idea. I look forward to seeing the complied list.Of course Dave Fowler at Teach My Children Well must be included because he's just fabulous. I also read Goodfather and Wind in Your Vagina (the name kills me every time, I know)

  16. The Dotterel says:

    Late entry – Norfolk Single Dadhttp://norfolksingledad.blogspot.com/

  17. kirsty815 says:

    Oooo can't wait to read those! Stellar idea! Way to go dads!

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