We love Halloween


“Is it Halloween today mummy?”
“Is it tomorrow?”
“Well how many actual days is it until Halloween? How many sleeps? How will I actually know it’s Halloween? Are you actually going to tell me when it gets here?”
This has been going on every day since August 10 when in inadvertantly let slip that Halloween was on the horizon. I won’t be making that mistake again. And yes, I am very aware of my son’s overuse of the word ‘actual’.

When it comes to dressing up, if you tell Dan he’s going to be wearing a cape, he’s good. We’ve had a vampire, Harry Potter and Superman.
Today it was Batman’s turn.
I am so proud. My son is showing geek tendancies just like his mother.
Mia on the other hand has issues with whatever I dangle in front of her to wear.
Most of the things I ask her to put on she informs me are “boring”, and when I’ve asked her to put a hairband on to keep her locks in check, you would have thought I had asked her to slice slivers of her scalp off with it and rub salt in the wounds. THAT is how much she hates dressing to her mother’s tune.



But today, not only did she dress herself in the red witch outfit I bought her, but she actually put the hairband in and wore it all day.
Hubby had to scrape my chin off the floor when she appeared downstairs after locking herself in her room for what seemed like eternity.
And she saunters in with that “what? what?” look on her face like she ALWAYS dresses without fuss or incident and really mummy, what are you looking at?
So this Halloween their friends Heather and Lola were coming over for a very impromptu party so my two pretty much camped out in the hallway awaiting their knock on the door.
When the knock eventually came, they did two laps of the house screaming before answering the door and all the while leaping around like two frogs on hot coals.

And this was before any sweets had passed their lips.



Every time the doorbell rings we have to play guess the character.
Tonight we’ve had the Grim Reaper, an adorable little witch, a ghoul and a handful of vampires and zombies.
But one little lad stood on my doorstep looking for all the world like he was Simon Cowell who’d just been savaged by a hound.
After tutting and helping himself to a rather large handful of sweets from our skull bowl, he informed me he was a zombie businessman then skulked to the end of the driveway, turned and shot me a dirty look!

But best of all is the apple bobbing. Sure it seems far too simple to be engaging and fun, but seriously, today these kids belly laughed their way through it and then ATE THE APPLES THEY’D WON! I know!
I should win awards for this kind of stuff.
Ok so they ate copious amounts of chocolate and sugar afterwards, but at least they had some good stuff in there first.

As for the aftermath.
On a high from too much sugar? Check.
Insisting that you don’t turn the light off and sit with them because the monsters are all under their bed? Check.
Hyped up and talking so fast you can just make out the words ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ every now and again? Check.
One bath with lavender bubbles, big towels and a bedtime story about a teddy bear who gets lost but finds his way home again.

Two hugely satisfied children, one partially frazzled mum, a whole stash of ’emergency’ chocolate that needs eating . . .

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you had a fabulous night.


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