Introducing the new Harry Potter


I have just spent a stressful morning getting my 5-year-old ready for school.
I’m sure it’s a scenario many parents can relate to – I had forgotten it’s Book Day.

You know those events where the whole school gets to dress as their favourite book character and the moment parents receive the letter announcing the event they get a cold shiver down their back as their little charge declares “I want to be a dragon.”
There is only so much papier mache any sane mum can handle.

And wouldn’t you know it, I had totally totally forgotten and hadn’t planned an outfit.


Sure he has Batman and Power Ranger dressing up outfits, but not exactly literary greats are they?
The only outfit along those lines he has is Peter Pan, but he said if I make him wear that he will never speak to me again because everyone will point and laugh and it’s just not cool enough.

All he really wants to do is wear his Batman cape.
So this was our compromise. Harry Potter.

He’s wearing daddy’s old club rugby tie, a pair of daddy’s old glasses that we popped the lenses out of and bent a little to make them look rounder and I cut a small branch of the maple tree in the back garden to make a wand. And I told him it’s a special tree because usually fairies make their homes under maple trees but then had to backtrack slightly when I saw Mia’s eyes widen in horror and her little face look all ‘there’s something living at the bottom of our garden?’

And I know I’m biased an’ all, but I think he looks GORGEOUS.

So all the way to school he’s practising spells (“wingardium leviosa”) and as we walk to the school gates there is a raft of princesses, Little Red Riding Hoods, Long John Silvers and a Gruffalo (high five to that parent) all making their way to class.

It looks like something out of a Roald Dahl novel!

The school crossing man did his best to gee them along: “Hello there, umm little bear?” (in an aside whisper to mum “what is he exactly?”)

And as Dan ran off to meet his buddies (one ginger-haired lad is Ron, hooray!) he shouts back to me: “Don’t worry mummy, I’ll be careful with my magic!”

Next up is Halloween – but at least I’ve got another couple of weeks to prepare.

I am, however, regretting the day I ever mentioned it. Now every conversation is about Halloween and how many days is it now and can you break that down into hours mummy so I can count the hours and then can you tell me how many sleeps it is and more specifically how many school sleeps and is today the day we pick a costume and who is having a party and is it tomorrow?

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