Check your sanity in at the front door and join the party


We recently celebrated Mia’s 3rd birthday with a party in our home.
14 excitable children aged between 2 and 8, using my house as a indoor soft play area.

And seven sets of parents. Let’s just say it was cosy.

This wasn’t the plan. The plan was a garden party. The plan was for sunshine and warmth and a paddling pool on the lawn and a tea party in the shade. The plan was for tig and cricket and water fights and treasure hunts. The plan was bunk.
It rained the whole day. It RAINED the whole day.

But my little “I’m all growd up now” girl had the time of her life.

Right before my very eyes our little tomboy transformed herself in to a party princess.
She dressed herself – complete with a pair of fairy wings she had previously told me was “too disgusting” for her to even entertain wearing – and proceeded to run screaming with delight everytime the doorbell rang.
Hubby and I just looked at each other wondering who had taken our daughter and replaced her with this sugarplum fairy?

Jewellery was a big hit among presents and, so as not to offend anyone, she wore the lot.
Every single strand of glittery beads, bracelets, rings and hair slides. Like a little pink Mr T. With the same attitude. You could hear her coming a mile off!

And don’t even get me started on party bags. I have a whole other post ready to rant about party bags!

So since turning 3 my daughter has picked up some vital new lessons:

1. The power of manipulation.
“Grandad, you give the best hugs and kisses” she whispers to hubby’s dad as she sidles up to him. He goes all daft, does anything she wants.
I have since caught her doing the exact same thing to hubby and at least one other male family friend.

2. There’s plenty of time to become a ‘lady’.
Whenever she wears a skirt or dress (and only when she wears a skirt of dress) she sits with her legs spread wide and fiddles with her underwear.
I say: “Mia, put your legs together, it’s not very polite to do that”. She gives me a dirty look and redoubles her efforts.

3. Boy is it good to climb.
Since turning three she has become a mountain goat. She sits watching the TV on the back of the armchair in some childish lotus position and is forever ‘climbing’ the stair banisters like she tackling Mount Everest.

Yesterday she was teetering on the footend of our bed like some Russian gymnast with a smile on her face that’s all ‘look how really clever I am mummy!’.
My heart can’t take much more of this. She’s banned from watching the Olympics ever again.

4. You’re never too young to become a fashionista.
Whatever mummy choses for me to wear, refuse it, make her get at least three other outfits out and put them on me and then after all that, heave a big sigh and say “oh go on then, I’ll wear the first one you put out for me.”
This is the mantra she has adopted. I’m expecting her to demand her first pair of Jimmy Choos any day now.

5. No one can take your presents away from you if you sleep on them.
That’s not a typo, I did say ON them.
The night of her birthday she took her new jewellery box to bed with her and cuddled it like a doll. Last night she insisted on using her new Dora the Explorer purple plastic SOLID backpack as a pillow.

Tonight I have pulled back the covers to reveal a tub of marbles (or eyeballs as she calls them), a set of felt tip pens, two hardbacked books under her pillow and a pair of shoes next to her face.Every cuddly toy she owns is on the floor.

6. If at first you don’t succeed, throw a tantrum.
Don’t dare give me the wrong cup. A blue cup? You know I only want blue cups on a Tuesday, what are you doing trying to foist one on me on a Thursday? Oh my god, you’ve cut my toast into TRIANGLES, how could you? I mean how could you? Oh no, you’re putting it on the table. For goodness sake woman, don’t you know I don’t want it there on the table, I want it where I want it on the table.

And now it’s time to explode and maybe scream a little and make sure the contents of my nose goes everywhere and then I’ll go all floppy on the floor. Or rigid on the floor, that’s a good one too.

7. Love everything with a passion.
Remember what it was like to be a child and to find wonder in the clouds or a daisy or snails?
I say to Mia: “Do you want to come to the supermarket with me?” and she’s all wide eyed and “I LOVE shopping mummy. I just love it!”

Or when when I say “we need to go to XXX” and she’s bouncing like a bean and saying: “can we walk? I want to walk and hold your hand and then skip and run and pick some flowers and run through the grass and . . . “

It was a difficult and tiring day, but as I put her to bed that night and we sat and talked about how much fun it was to play with all her friends and how fun the games were and how great mummy’s cakes were (ahem) and she’s drifting off from pure exhaustion, then she mumbles: “I had the best day mummy. I laughed so much.”

And I couldn’t ask for any more than that.
Happy birthday my growd up little girl! X

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