Life’s lessons learned at the age of 3

Daniel and Mia are having their night time bath together and enjoying their favourite pastime – making bubble beards and spiking up their hair with shampoo because they think it makes them quirky.

I nip out of the bathroom to get their pyjamas and suddenly a commotion breaks out.
You know when you do that thing where your shoulders drop and you sign and for a split second you contemplate running down the stairs and out the door? That?

Mia is shouting and screeching and making an unholy din and is now stood up and practically trying to climb up one of the taps.
Water is flying everywhere and I do that resigned to the mess and the clearing up and the drudgery thing.

“Hey, hey, hey! What’s going on?” I shout over the racket.
There’s sobbing and limbs and water everywhere.

“Get me out. Get me OUT”, she yells. “‘m frightened of Daniel’s willy”

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