Sometimes it feels like I’m the only sane person in this house

It’s like some kind of episode from The Twilight Zone in my house tonight.

I have just put Daniel to bed and after kissing him goodnight I hear a funny noise from Mia’s room.
I peer round the door only to find her asleep on the floor.
Just there, right in the middle with no duvet or pillow or cuddly toy. She’s just spread-eagled out on the carpet like she landed there from the ceiling or something.


I pick her up and put her back in bed.

I shut her door behind me and hear groaning from the lounge. Hubby has fallen asleep infront of the TV and is obviously dreaming about work or chores or that tree he’s got to uproot in the back garden.

The noise sounds like the Gruffalo is at the bottom of the stairs. (I was actually going to post a photo of him sat upright on the sofa with his arms folded and his Sylvester Stallone-look face on with just a tiny bit of dribble escaping from the corner of his mouth, but really I am not that cruel. Not today anyway).

As I’m standing in the lounge with hands on hips, debating whether or not to get the camcorder out, I hear the distinctive thud thud thud of a little girl’s/baby elephant’s feet across the ceiling.

Mia must be awake.

Back upstairs. I go in to her pitch dark room.
She’s not in bed, she’s not on the floor. Mild panic. I do a double take. She’s in the corner, standing up but bent over at a right angle with her head on a pillow on a chair. And she’s fast asleep.


She looks at me like it’s the most natural thing in the world to be caught doing, stands upright and trots back to bed, pulls the duvet over her, then glances back and gives me a withering look.

Stunned I walk out on to the landing only to hear Daniel talking in his sleep: “oh no you don’t!” he shouts in a weird groany, otherworldly voice.


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