Hobbit in training


There is something troubling me so I’m just going to come right out and say it.
My gorgeous little boy has hairy toes.

I’m not joking. I was scrubbing his feet in the bath last night (ah yes, the joys of being a mum to a boy) and there they were. Hairs on his big toes. Not little downy, cute ones. These are proper hairs.

He’s only five. That can’t be right can it? Isn’t stuff like hair supposed to come when they’re at that difficult preteen stage and he’s telling me I can’t been seen within breathing distance of him whenever his friends are around and hiding in his bedroom with all the lights off for hours?

He’s already started the ‘don’t kiss me in public’ declaration, which I can just about get away with ignoring at the moment.

The minute the word ‘don’t’ leaves his lips I’m like a coiled spring with no control over myself – MUST KISS THE BOY, MUST KISS, MUST.
It’s my God-given right surely. I endured 9 months of chronic heartburn and in insatiable appetite for beef for that boy, the least he can do is kiss me.

Anyway, to more important matters – what the hell are hairs doing on my cute little chap’s feet? He’s still my baby (granted I can’t say that to him anymore without his whole face caving in and looking like I’ve sprayed perfume directly at him).
But still, he is my baby and always will be. Well, right up until he starts wearing jeans that don’t quite reach his waistline – on purpose – or t-shirts that have never caught a whiff of soap powder.
Then I might give the kissing a miss.

Of course hubby thinks this whole hair thing is hilarious and that I’m exaggerating. In fact he may have muttered ‘that’s my boy’ under his breath when I had my back turned. His boy has a manly stamp now, kinda thing.

Me? I’m just not ready for him to grow up yet.

Then I found myself getting all paranoid – oh God, hubby’s quite dark and Mediterranean looking, what if they’ve both inherited that hirsuit gene.
Dan will just about get away with it, but Mia? My lovely little Mia?

“Mia” I say, “have you got hair on your toes?”
Pause while she investigates.
“No, just dirt.”

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