A lady in waiting?


Will my little girl with the pretty name and the big pretty eyes ever become remotely girly?
I only ask because she seems to be going further and further down the route of tomboyishness.

“You’re such a good girl, Mia” I say (she’s usually not to be fair, but I’m trying to indoctrinate her).“No I’m not, I’m a good boy.”
And sometimes when I am dressing her in the morning she’ll announce: “I want to look like a boy. I want to look like Daniel” (or Danul, as she pronounces it).

Whenever I do manage to prize her into a pretty dress, her knees are so bruised and scuffed that she looks like she comes from a home where we make her crawl around on the tarmac all day.
And she always ALWAYS has to put her wellies on with it.

So when I asked her to try a new dress on – an absolutely gorgeous 50s looking number – I expected her to look it up and down with her usual distain, turn her back on me like I’ve just asked her to wear a cabbage or a baby’s romper suit and say “no” (a no that actually means ‘and don’t ever ask me such a clearly ridiculous question again’).
But blow me down she put it on. Happily. And the matching hat. I think I stood there with my mouth open for 5 full minutes.
And she looked utterly charming.

Then she trotted down the garden to play tea parties and my poor poor heart did swell.


This morning she tried to wee standing up like her brother then said: “When will I get a willy like Daniel?”

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