Mia, I really really love you but please just GO TO SLEEP

Mia is making bedtime a real chore.

She’s had her wash, her story and a cuddle and I put her to bed and say “sleepy time now honey” and she just smiles sweetly at me and says “no”.
Just like that. No discussion, no tears or tantrums. Just no with a kind of “whatcha gonna do about it” tone about it.

Then she just looks around the room like she is bored or looking for something, anything more interesting than this irritating person infront of her telling her it’s time to go to bed.

When she finally gets in to bed she’s in and out of it more times than I care to count.
I have lost the will to count. I don’t know what else to do to entice her to stay. Please God, just stay in bed!

You know the scene. You’re sat there in the kitchen sipping tea, chatting about your day, chilling out after dinner and suddenly you see this face at the door and it makes your jump and spill your piping hot tea everywhere.

So last night hubby said “let’s just ignore her” and oh boy ignore her we did.

First of all she followed us around the house thinking this is some kind of brilliant game.
Then it starts to wear a little thin so she tries to butter up daddy: “you’re working really hard aren’t you daddy?” (bloody creep).
He’s making dinner while I’m doing the much more mundane job of ironing – oh the joy of being a parent eh? Don’t laugh, this is our Saturday night . . .

Anyway, it doesn’t wash with daddy so she trots into the living room and stands directly in front of the ironing board and declares “I love you mummy”. She’s really laying it on thick now.
The puppy dog eyes are out and she’s doing some kind of cute swingy thing with her hands clutched behind her back.

Just as I’m about to crumble, she seems to give up and go upstairs.

Hubby and I cannot believe it. I creep into the kitchen doorway and we exchange a snatched glance that says “really, was it really that easy?” but with an undertone of “never. It’s never going to be that easy.”

The answer soon comes as that unmistakable bump thump bump of a little bottom on the stairs tells us she’s moving in for round 2.

She’s back and she’s wearing her pink baseball cap and an even bigger grin on her face (she so KNOWS how cute it makes her look).

She stands directly in front of me again and says “I need a wee” (I usually jump to attention when she says that, but I know she’s only just been).
She repeats it 15 times.
I’m not joking, I actually counted them. And she says each and everyone with no change in tone, no note of urgency, nothing.

Then she goes upstairs again and we’re ready for round 3.
What will it be this time? Her tummy hurts, she wants a cuddle, “I need you” (that one works on daddy every time).

But no, she took herself to bed and sang to herself. I can’t believe it. It actually WORKED.

I am sat here now in the room next to hers and she’s making sleep noises and I know she’s drifting off.
And I have to really stop myself from going in and waking her up and saying well done Mia my clever little girl.

But I manage to resist the urge. There is a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake with my name on and I’m not giving that up for anyone.

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