Yummy mummies are bad for your health

Is it possible to have a successful career and still be a good mother?
It’s a question that has plagued parents for years – and some holier-than-thou schoolgate ‘yummy mummies’ really don’t help.
You know the ones. They run the PTA, spend their spare time doing charity work and arrange fabulous events for your child’s benefit.
And they still find time to clean the house, polish the parquet flooring and have all the beds made by the time Loose Women starts.

They make you feel utterly inferior – and don’t hide their disapproval that you chose to work over homemaking.

As a mother of two young children I decided to go back to work for a rest!
But seriously, as most mums probably do, I agonised for the whole nine months I was off work whether or not I should return. In the end it all came down to finances.
There’s no right or wrong answer. Just the right or wrong answer for you.

I couldn’t find anything remotely yummy in endlessly scraping peas and cornflakes off the kitchen floor or planning my day around Fern and Phil.

At a recent party for one of my son’s new school friends I was made to feel about an inch high among the mums I was just getting to know.
“Oh you work do you?” Mummy 1 said in a scathing tone (she runs the local scout group).
“Oh you drive too?” said Mummy 2, barely hiding her disapproval (she runs the PTA).
Then my son rushed in to the room and announced with great distain: “mummy, they don’t even recyle in this house!”

Ah. There it is. I could have hugged him

Check out Real mums versus Yummy Mummies which takes a wry look at how the two compare.

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