I hate Barney

BarneyMy little girl has committed the ultimate sin – she has brought the purple, singing monstrosity that is Barney into our home.

I remember being pregnant with my first baby and scouring the internet for DVDs of Scooby Doo (pre Scrappy, of course), Dangermouse and the original Mr Men series.
I was convinced my children would shun the likes of the Boo Bahs (uhh, makes me shudder just thinking about them) and Barney. They would embrace ‘classics’ like The Muppets, Jungle Book and Dumbo.

So how did my little moppet become addicted to this all-singing all-dancing horror?
Even Dora the Explorer would be preferable to this.

Hiding the DVD doesn’t work. Nor does using it to prop up the wonky side table. She always comes trotting back with it declaring “I want Barney on”.

I suppose I can reluctantly see why it is appealing – he’s a positive role model, encourages friendship and delivers endless moral lessons.
But really, it’s a giant, annoying dinosaur with a voice that rattles dangerously around your frontal lobes. I can’t sit through five minutes of the show without the urge to pull every single hair in my head out.

Why can’t she fall in love with the adorable Charlie and Lola? I’d even settle for Fifi and the Flowertots.
So it’s time to fess up – what do you kids love that really irks you?

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