At what age do you let your children watch Indiana Jones?


Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favourite film – ever.
Indiana Jones is the greatest movie hero bar none.
It is one of the reasons I got so excited about having kids – someone to share the absolute joy of watching the whip-weilding archeologist battle snakes and natives in his quest for treasure.

The minute that famous John Williams score kicks in I come over all nostalgic.
I have the boxset all ready to go. I’ll even make the popcorn from scratch if it adds to the event.

Trailers and adverts for the next installment – The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – are everywhere and my boy Daniel has already started asking ‘who is this Indiana bloke, anyway?’

Forget Batman and SpiderMan son, I want to say. Forget that Ben 10 chappy. This is the real deal. This is a proper hero.
And I’ve got three fab films for us to enjoy – and a brand new one on the way.

But Daniel is only five years old.

Do you remember the end of Raiders? I do. With the Nazi’s face melting thingy. Really really not very nice. It’s all quite tame family, fun up until then.
In number two – Temple of Doom – there was the heart out of the chest business.

It’s a double-edged sword event for me. The trilogy is perfect to my mind, ending on a real high with Indiana and his father (the brilliantly cast Sean Connery) riding off into the sunset. What if this new one ruins all that? What if it’s rubbish?
And can Harrison Ford still cut it?
Judging by the latest batch of pictures doing the rounds he can.

So, I’ll be there at the front of the queue. I mean old flame Marion Ravenwood is back in it. And the brilliant Cate Blanchett is the baddie in it. And Steven Spielberg is in charge. And Jim Robinson from Neighbours is in it (is there any cool show from America that man isn’t in?)

Anyway, I am very very excited and I want my son to share my excitement.

Now, I wonder if you can buy fedora’s in children’s sizes . . .

(NOTE: The film came out. It was bloody rubbish. I felt HORRIBLY let down. Dan’s never got to see it – I will tell him that only three were ever made).

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