6 things you need to know about Sticky Fingers

I have been tagged by mummy blogger Tiffany at One Woman’s Rants and Raves to come up with 6 quirky things about me, or Sticky Fingers … Gulp!

On top of that I have also been tagged by Karen at Busy Mamas to sum up my life in the past 15 years. Yikes.

OK, so first off 6 things you might find slightly interesting about me:

1. I am a certified film anorak
I don’t watch as many movies as I did back in the day before children, but still, I know my stuff. I am regularly tested by friends and colleagues who find it fun to try to trip me up. Also no one will play the movie trivia game Scene It! with me.

2. I was flying to America on my honeymoon on September 11, 2001.
Yes, as the twin towers were being attacked, hubby and I were flying to Chicago to start our Vegas/San Francisco/Hawaii dream holiday. Instead we ended up in a one-horse town in Gambo, Newfoundland when our plane was grounded. For five days.

3. I am named after a man.
The son of an heir to the Guinness empire was killed in a car accident back in 1966. Mum loved the name and that was what I was going to be called whether I came out a boy or a girl.

4. Tara means: An Irish sacred hill where the high kings resided.
In Sanskrit it means Star.

5. I have not missed an episode of Lost.
I am a total Lost addict. I’ve even visited forums (but I don’t tend to talk about it).

6. I take photographs of everything.
I have photos from every school outing, party, holiday, event I have partaken in from about 1984 to present day. This hasn’t always made me popular but I have a pretty good record of my life.

15 Years in a Nutshell:

(You are supposed to think back on the last 15 years of your life. What would you tell someone that you hadn’t seen or talked to for 15 years? You get 10 bullet points to summarize you. At the end of your list, tag 5 more people and send on the love torture).

1. In 1995 I was 27 years old. I was living in a shared flat above a flower shop in Birmingham and I was driving a blue Mini called Madge. I had a vicious black and white cat called Oliver.
2. Pretty much up until 1999, I partied. I had long hair, cheekbones, I was slim and I threw a mean Halloween party.
3. I was dating the man who would, in 2001, become my husband.
4. I discovered I was actually quite good at skiing, visited America, Cyprus, Spain, France, north Africa, Germany, Austria, Malta, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Canada and totally fell in love with Thailand when hubby and I visited there in 2000. I loved to travel.
5. I’ve made some life-long friends along the way and sadly lost a couple. One of my dearest friends lives in Scotland and is, I think, one of the best dad’s on the planet. Unfortunately he hasn’t actually had a child yet (and I say ‘yet’ with the greatest hope that he won’t pass this amazing life experience up).
6. I absolutely love my job. How many people can say that?
7. Hubby and I married at a village golf club with the strains of a live jazz band playing in the background and a barbecue on the terrace in the evening. We had the greatest day.
8. I had my first baby in 2002 after years of telling anyone who would listen “I’m not cut out for this motherhood thing”. Having that little boy was the greatest experience of my life and in 2005 I did it all again and had a daughter.
9. Being a mum is my proudest achievement. I try my hardest every single day to be an inspiration for my children and to make them proud. (sick buckets upon exit, if required).
10. In 2008 I am a little heavier, a damn sight more tired and I never have a moment’s peace – but I am so very very glad I am where I am.

So now I’ve shared my past 15 years, what about yours?

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